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Net worth of TV Producer Chudney Ross: Know her source of Money and how much she earns

January 14, 2018
First published on:September 22, 2016
by John

Chudney Ross is a TV producer and a production manager who has produced various shows such as BET Awards, Fashion News Live, and Fame. He earns a good sum of money in his career. So, let's find out his sources of income and Net worth.  

Chudney Ross’s Career and Net Worth

Being the daughter of the evergreen singer Diana Ross, she could have all the attention and advantages to entering into any business she wanted. She already grabbed wide media attention being the daughter of Diana but, just as any human aspires to stand up on their own and rise with their own hard work, Chudney also decided to struggle for her own success by her own. 

Bold and Beautiful Chudney was first spotted in-camera when she appeared as an un-credited audience member at the 1979 Diana Ross Concert when she was just four years old.

Then, in 2002, Chudney, graduated from Georgetown University, worked as a talent coordinator for a TV show named Livin’ Large. Although she started with something low at the start she was able to crawl to the top subsequently. She was seen as Assistant production manager for Fame, a drama-music TV series, in 2003. Again, a year later, she produced a show called Mesmerize.

Eventually, Ross got her big break when she became the producer for one of the biggest award shows, the BET Awards, in 2007. This led her to reach a wider fame network. Subsequently, she had various appearances in shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show (2011).

Since 2005-2014, for almost nine years, she produced a show called Fashion news live, where the hosts of the show travel all around the world to interviews stars and fashion designers. The show was successfully hit and was able to gain wide appreciation from fans and media. 

Recently, she has associated herself with a TV movie named Essence Ninth Annual Black Women in Hollywood.

Although it has not been fully disclosed, there are rumors that she earns quite a fortune for herself. At an average, a TV producer has a salary of $64,000 per year. So keeping this in mind, it can be assured that Chudney is a well-to-do producer in the entertainment industry. 

Moving on to the source of money she earns, the first would obviously be from various shows she produces and manages, she also attends various shows and seminars and runs her own children’s bookstore named Books and Cookies since 2011.

         [ CAPTION: Chudney Ross ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

More about Chudney’s Personal Life

41-year-old Chudney has four siblings and she is the youngest among all. One of her sisters, Tracee Ellis Ross is a part of the comedic TV series Blackish for which she was nominated for an Emmy too! She is also associated with singer Ashley Simpson – her brother Evans Ross has been married to the talented singer since 2014.

Chudney Ross's family with Ashlee Simpson

Chudney Ross's family with Ashlee Simpson   Source: ABC News

Chudney was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Joshua Faulkner. The couple met each other through mutual friends on Facebook. One of Joshua’s friends arranged for a day out for drinks.

                               [ CAPTION: Chudney Ross ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

And since then, there was just no looking back for this beautiful couple.The couple welcomed their first child – a beautiful daughter named Callaway Lane in 2012.


Source: Inside Weddings

The couple married in 2015, three years after their daughter’s birth at Montage Kapalua Bay in Hawaii.

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