Neo-Nazi shitbag Richard Spencer got attacked twice on Inauguration Day, Know about his Career

January 27, 2017
First published on:January 27, 2017
by HitBerry

The Inauguration Day has all been posted on the social sites. Everyone is just so keen to know what has happened in the day and what are the decisions made about it. People are just wandering what the next will happen as Donald Trump has already started his office.

Talking about the inauguration day, there is something more than Donald Trump. Heard Richard Spencer being punched twice in the inauguration day? Yeah, everyone must have heard the news. Today here we will discuss more regarding Richard Spencer being punched. Know more about his career.

Neo-Nazi shitbag Richard Spencer got attacked twice on Inauguration Day?

The news is quite strange but it's true, Richard Spencer was twice attacked on the Inauguration Day. While Richard was in the middle of explaining the Pepe frog pin he was wearing, he was attacked. A Pepe frog is something that is used by the people to reflect the hate symbol and is persistent as an anti- Semitic meme.

Richard Spencer being punched in the Inauguration Day

Richard Spencer being punched in the Inauguration Day

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Richard Spencer is one of the public faces on the internet from "alt-right" community which builds its own specific language and power from the memes. Moreover, he is also best known for leading a Nazi salute in the nation's capital and adding favor of "ethnic cleansing".

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer

Source: dailystormer

He has also been trying to troll the Black Lives tweeting that he loves the whiteness of every individual. He tweeted on his twitter account trying to troll the Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson by using the quotes of great Nelson Mandela.



Above all this, the ethnic cleansing advocate Richard Spencer was actually punched twice in the same day. There are now many photos emerged in one trying to explain how he was punched and socked in the face.

Meanwhile, the whole internet has become crazy and has made lots of troll of Richard Spencer being punched. He also pleads with everyone to stop making the video of him being punched to the funny music. But he was followed by an instant reply of Jon Favreau stating that he will laugh at every song which has Richard Spencer being punched. Have a look:


Know Richard Spencer Career

Richard Bertrand Spencer is an American white supremacist who is best known for being Director and President in "The National Policy Institute" and executive director "Washington Summit Publishers".

Spencer first started his career as an Assistant Editor at The American Conservative magazine in 2007 but soon got fired. Later in 2010, he founded a website named which was edited by him until 2012. In the year 2011, he started working as an Executive Director of Washington Summit Publishers.

He founded Radix Journal in the year 2012 and Keven B. MacDonald, Derek Turner, Alex Kurtagic and Sammuel T. Francis have been included as contributors.

Richard Spencer became the President and Director of The National Policy Institute in January 2011. The Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, Right Now are some of his notable publications.

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