Neil Cavuto Working Hard to Balance Relationship with Wife Mary Fulling and Children

HitBerryPublished on   04 Aug, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Well-known personality Neil Cavuto is an American anchor and host of multiple television shows. He is also the Managing editor and senior vice president of renowned Fox Business Network and News Channel. Neil, just as any other personality has a dual responsibility of balancing work and home. It comes as no surprise to us when we get to hear news about these celebrities having a hard time managing their lives.

More about Neil Cavuto’s personal life

Known for multiple professions, Neil is also a great commentator. 57-year-old Neil got married to Mary Fulling in his early 1980’s. They have three children, a daughter Tara and two sons, Bradley and Jeremy. At present, the family resides in New Jersey.

New York born Neil has been a long time patient of multiple sclerosis (MS) since 1997. Multiple sclerosis is a disease where the nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord are affected. While he was able to fight off cancer, in his interview with TVNewser in 2007, he revealed that fighting off MS is more troublesome as there is no such cure for it. The only way out for Neil to calm himself through the deadly MS is through steroids and injections.

Recently in July 2016, Neil had an open heart surgery which was successful. Although he has not been on air since May 31, we hope he recovers soon to continue with his work.

Neil is also recognized for the books he has written and is commonly available on Instagram. His first book “More than money: True stories of people who learned life’s ultimate lesson” is related to his hardships in relation to the diseases he has been fighting for a very long time. His second book, published in 2008, “Your money or your life” is especially for those who can challenge themselves and reassess the world they live in.

Neil and his relationship with wife Mary Fulling and children

Cavuto, mentions in an interview regarding the difficulty he faces when it comes to managing work and home. He talks about how he has missed out on various events and ceremonies where was supposed to be a part of the family. He thanks the technology for always being there for support whenever there is a need to Skype or Face Time with his family. Cavuto also adds that it is very much important for him to set a good example for his kids since they follow what they see and learn. His father has been a role model for him throughout his life.

He definitely expresses that balancing life is tough, but it’s not impossible. It all depends on how a person is able to manage their time. He points out a wonderful opinion where sometimes it’s just best to hear the other person out. “Sometimes you don’t need to say a word – to speak volumes”.