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July 17, 2016
First published on:July 17, 2016
by John

We all know the ever so happy and joyous face that greets everyone on TODAY’s show. Natalie Morales, whose age is 44 years is not a new name in this field. She has interesting scoops to deliver- be it off screen or on-screen; solely for entertainment purpose of her views. Ahh well, the career graph of Natalie Morales is more enthralling. Even more than her rumours with Matt Lauer so this deserves some solid attention.It surely does.

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As soon as Natalie left under graduation she did not land a job in a media house but rather an Investment Banking firm.It was one of these times when she had to take up the job because she had no choice but well it all worth the pain because it just did not make her a banker, but along with that she met the love of her life; her husband Joe Rhodes.

Tackling Motherhood, Journalism, and Passion for running

After that surely Natalie because a successful journalist and covered many important stories and her career got an instant hike because of it. But hey, she is not just a banker and a journalist. Natalie Morales love running and has proved her passion for it by running different marathons and triathlons over the world not just in New York.

Natalie Morales on the cover page of Trialthon Magazine- October 2010 issue.

Natalie Morales on the cover page of Trialthon Magazine- October 2010 issue.

In addition, this lady who has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches has more shades to explore. Alongside running she has featured in October 2010’s issue of the Triathlon Magazine.And just so you know she has even appeared in the very famous movie Rio 2 as a newscaster and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! As herself.


"I believe that we will win!" Here we go USA! #USWNT @todayshow

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If you thought that all she is a rockstar in her professional life only though you might be wrong. Even in her personal life, she is equally adorable as a doting mother because Natalie loves cooking and if it is for her two sons- Joseph And Luke she would any day do it without any ifs and buts.


Best time at spin #EQXPursuit .. Like a virtual reality competition! Very cool. Thanks Melissa Morin and @danachaufitness!

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Well definitely she has an avatar to unleash every time and it is shocking too, but what is more amazing is that even age is not a bar for her to do all that she wants to. Time and again when ladies make their kids an excuse of stopping what they do Natalie is definitely setting an example with everything that she has been doing.She literally does it ALL.

Natalie Morales with her children in the kitchen.

Natalie Morales with her children in the kitchen.

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