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NBC's Natalie Morales is an Avid Runner. From Marathons to Triathlons; She's done it All

July 17, 2016
First published on:July 17, 2016
by John

Looking at her you might just think that she is as delicate as a flower and would hardly even walk her way down to her office. However, Natalie Morales proves you wrong, just when you have this thought about her. Surely she looks really gorgeous and that figure of hers is to die for, but that figure is not at all easily earned. Just so you know Natalie’s secret behind that amazing body is that she is an avid runner.


Mission #EDBR accomplished! Lungs are on fire bit amazing race and view

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Natalie Morales love sports and trust me when I say that. While she was in a high school back in Madrid( she has traveled half the world just in her childhood.) she played all kinds of sports(volleyball to soccer-Literally all.). But as she shifted to New York for her undergrad school, she developed a new love for running because it calmed her down. She undertook a training and took it very seriously. So much that she has run the New York Marathon in 1995 and 1996. In addition, even in 2006. FYI she was already a mother back then so all the women who think life ends just after being one; here you get your share of motivation.

Natalie Morales, who has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches has tried every single kind of running right from marathon to triathlon and she has only two words to describe her passion- “I’m hooked.”Natalie encourages healthy living and she says running is the easiest as all it takes is for us to wake up with a jerk and start it. She loves being part of such causes and feels it is refreshing from the monotonous life a journalist lives. That is some inspiration though for everyone out there who would rather stick to their bed on a perfect Sunday morning.


#bostonmarathon memories! Great day and so many incredible moments!

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Just a small information,which might sound pretty interesting right now.Out of all the five marathons ,Natalie has ran she has done it all with her husband Joe Rhodes.(Thank goodness for that as it is the only time they have a tiny weenie bit of a photo together.)

A very small picture of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes in a marathon.

A very small picture of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes in a marathon.

Not just that her husband Joe Rhodes and Natalie Morales are both fitness freaks and simply run to calm them and ironically finish it together as well. Just that maybe in this life race Natalie Morales ran a bit far from him and reached a destination where she found Matt Lauer instead of Joe Rhodes.Just saying.


Another glorious but hot day in London.. Morning run w/ @carlysegal. #teamroyalbaby says today is the day. We hope!!

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