NBC's Luke Russert criticizes Donald Trump, takes home a salary of $500000 with a net worth of $9 million

September 10, 2015
First Published On: September 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Luke Russert has been making news lately for his stance against Donald Trump the 2016 republican candidate for President of the USA.  Luke has criticized Trump in a rather candid fashion for his absurd take on the country’s political motive and has gone to the extent of calling him a person who knows less but acts like he knows everything.

Luke Russert isn’t exactly the most liked person in Washington, mainly because of his progressive stance to the current political situation and for his through and audacious criticism of presidential candidates. He is known to be ambitious and not care for the traditional method of anchoring. His most notable stunt was when in the midst of a live coverage interview with a congressman, he went on to alert his viewers of the breaking news that Lebron James moved from Miami Heat’s to Cleveland Cavaliers in a record thumping deal.

He has had a very no tolerance stance on the ongoing drug war and immigrant crisis his nations facing. He has criticized, not the government, but the people for failing to be aware of the situation that is in the hands of the nation.

He has taken up causes in most of the news creating incidents and has an opinion in almost every topic – most being for but some against. He has been widely criticized by the American people  for his views on the ongoing immigrant crisis and drug war.

Luke was hired by the NBC straight after graduating from college and he was the chief correspondent on youth issues regarding the 2008 Presidential Election. He has been open about the accusation made by the media and his colleagues of the alleged nepotism he has shared and has said time and again “there’s only one thing I can do that is to ignore it and not let it get to my head.”

His career highlight came when he was made congressional correspondent by the NBC for the House of Representatives. He further went on to make headlines on 2010 when he received a public apology from a high ranking congressman in the House of Representatives.

Russert comes from a family that has dominated the journalist business in Washington. His father Tim Russert was the longest serving moderator in the famous Meet the Press Show and his mother Maureen Orth was a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, the leading fashion magazine in the USA.

Luke is one of the youngest news anchors with a huge salary ranging from $500k to a Million at times. He was reportedly bid for $500k by MSNBC to feature on Meet the Press – an offer he graciously rejected. His net worth at such a young age is over $9 Million and he has no trouble making money. Luke is very active on social networking platforms like Twitter with over 200k Followers and can be followed under the username @LukeRussert.