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NBC News' Natalie Morales moved to the west because of some serious behind-the-scenes drama. Find out what

June 10, 2016
First published on:June 10, 2016
by John

What caused Natalie Morales to move all the way to the west coast? Apparently it’s some behind-the-scenes dispute with her co-anchor Tamron Hall as reported by a Today insider.  

“Natalie and her co-anchor Tamron Hall do not get along, and it was becoming a strain on the show," says the Today insider to InTouch Weekly.

Well turns out not everything looks as merry as it seems!

Pictures deceive! Natalie Morales and co-anchor Tamron Hall.    Source: InTouch

NBC broke the news on May 4th that Natalie Morales would be leaving her position and moving to LA in order to handle the show’s West Coast coverage and also serve as a host for Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live but this NBC statement didn’t cover the nasty beef that was cooking between Natalie and her co-anchor Tamron Hall. Turns out, their relationship was more strained and toxic than just not getting along.

“Tamron demands so much of the camera time, and Natalie just wasn’t going to fight to be featured on segments. Tamron always wants to do the big celebrity interviews, but isn’t as eager to do the smaller stories.” The insider did not hesitate to reveal it all to InTouch. “When NBC found out, they immediately granted her request to transfer to LA. Now she’s looking forward to putting the drama in the past. She knows this move couldn’t come at a better time.”

Talking about her personal life, Morales has been married to Joseph Rhodes since 1998 and have two sons together Josh and Luke.  Now that’s quite a commitment! No wonder she’s completely committed to her job, when she could have just left the job, she chose to shift somewhere else but still commit to her job! But looks like she’s having quite a great time. Maybe her decision of moving to the West Coast wasn’t bad at all.

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