Naturi Naughton is Pregnant and Expecting her first Child with her Boyfriend Ben

April 19, 2017
First published on:March 29, 2017
by HitBerry

Naturi Naughton is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is best known for her acting roles in Fame and Notorious. Besides her acting skills, she is currently in news because of her pregnancy rumors.

Naturi had announced her pregnancy with longtime boyfriend, Ben. She first shared the news with People magazine. She is eagerly waiting for July.

Naturi Naughton is very excited. She is taking healthy diet

Naturi’s baby bump continues to grow and she tried to learn some tricks to hide her belly for some of the shows. She said, “I had maternity jeans they ordered for me, and I do a lot of tops that are peplum-style. I was amazed at how un-pregnant I could look.”



Naturi is focused on her diet after she discovered she is pregnant. She is eating healthier food and rejecting junk foods. “I love kale, I love strawberries and pineapples, but I’m not proud of this … I’ve been eating Cup Noodles. I really want salty, spicy things, and Cup Noodles has been really awesome. I haven’t had one since college!” She said.

Naturi must have had a bad time considering her diet. She is avoiding the food she loves. That’s what she needs to do until the baby comes out. But she is really lucky to have a boyfriend like Ben. Ben is helping her to pick out colors for the baby. They are looking forward to nestling before the baby arrives.

Naturi considers her responsibilities to be a blessing. She is excited to enjoy the journey to motherhood. The beautiful 32-year-old lady said,

“It’s been a little surreal, but I feel really good, healthy and strong.” Naturi also mentions the pregnancy came as a surprise but adds that “it’s such a blessing… I feel like being pregnant and entering this new stage has made me stronger and more excited about life in general. Everything seems so much more purposeful.”

Naturi’s show, Power, helped her to learn little about motherhood as they have kids on the show. She is experiencing something in real life which she did onscreen. Naturi is happy that every cast member of the show are supportive and congratulating her.



Naturi’s future baby is due in July. She says her pregnancy is a surprise but more than surprise, it is a blessing. Naturi is to appear on many shows and she is trying hard to fit in the jeans. Well, there’s nothing to hide now. Naturi and Ben are going to have a good time together this summer. A big Congratulations to the couple!

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