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Natarsha Belling talks about her husband,married life and son.

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by John

A loving husband, two sweet children together with a satisfactory well paid job. This is all a woman needs.

Now 40, Natarsha Belling has a dream life that everyone wants. She had been married for almost a decade now. Together with Glen Sealey, she has two sons- Hugo and Harrison.

With all the wonderful time they are having, it is hard to believe that they once were facing problem relating to Hugo’s health. It was around 2010, when Hugo was still a baby, not even two. With constant health problem, he had to be diagnosed as much as thrice in twelve months. The reason was due to viral bronchiolitis that affects the lungs of the children making them difficult to breathe. Both Natarsha and her husband were trying their utmost to save their child.

What could be worse than seeing your own children suffocating and being unable to do anything about it? But they go through with it and now it’s like the calm after the storm. They may reminiscence about it but they are very happy that their son was able to win for his life.

Glen his currently working in Maserati and with Natarsha as news reporter, they earn enough to live a satisfied life. In fact, they can’t be happier. Now, that this small family is living happily,  Natarsha and Glen try to balance the life and job and get through with it. Overall, their life is what they want.

Natarsha is now working as a new presenter in the Network Ten, Australia. She had gone through various hardships and together with her hard work, she was able to climb this stair case to fame. With her job as news reader to new presenter to co-host she did not take any short cut on her career. Much of information about her life and career can be found on internet sites like Wikipedia.

Not only is Natarsha good at her profession, bus she is also active in various charities and social work across. She is also the ambassador of Women’s Advisory Board of National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre of Royal Hospital for Women in Australia. Natarsha is also active in social media like Twitter. In fact, she has a significant following and she often tweets regarding national issues.

Being famous has it perks but it also accounts for unnecessary attraction. One of such instance was when she appeared on air with so called ‘penis shaped’ neckline. I guess, it takes a pervert to see that one. It can be seen around the internet and even YouTube.

Natarsha is considered as one of the most beautiful news reporter past their forties and she definitely lives up to her reputation. With her makeup to her beautiful hair, she definitely knows how to present herself to others. She is considered attractive and alluring. With a pleasant personality, it is a further plus point.

Her net worth and salary is something that has not yet been disclosed but is estimate to be around a million dollars. 

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