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Natalie Morales is an Amazing Mother. Her Instagram is a Live Proof

March 18, 2018
First published on:July 17, 2016
by John

Although Natalie Morales survives her daily working dosage with a bit of mom guilt every day; she makes sure to make it up to her two kids by spending ample time when she can. No wonders Natalie Morales is an early riser just so she can be with her children.


Natalie Morales enjoying in the kitchen with her kids.

Natalie Morales enjoying in the kitchen with her kids.

Natalie Morales, who is the anchor for Today's show shared her experience of being a mother that it was all about storytelling and deceiving your kids at a time because you certainly want the best for them which they would hardly understand now. She had an experience about it just some weeks back when her seven-year-old son asked her about Sex and all she could do was get flabbergasted for a while. At least that’s what her Instagram said so.

“After being a mom sure does your life change; with all the love and poop. But what changes the most is the sense of responsibility that comes as you see your baby for the first time.”Natalie Morales, who is the mother of two sons, Joseph and Luke revealed in one of the interviews about how she tackles being a working mother every day.Natalie insisted that all it takes for being an ideal to your kids is making a routine and sticking to it. She revealed as well that she makes sure her sons to study something before sleeping every night and is very particular that she spends that time with them only.

But hey, this mother just does not have all the good moments you see. Once in an occasion where her husband Joe Rhodes was out of town; she had to drive her sons to soccer practice and well all alone by herself in the rain it was a pretty bad day for her. The journalist whose age is 44 years old also added that it was one of her worst moments with her kids.

Natalie Morales who has been married to her husband Joe Rhodes for eighteen years lives with her kids in Hoboken, although there is also news of the couple shifting to Los Angeles due to her alleged affair with her co-host Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales.

Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales.

Whatever be it Natalie is definitely a loving mother because who would just jump in a vacation or do cooking with her kids because she was guilty that she travels a lot and simply does not spend time with them. Aww Natalie, you really do have a heart of gold, or rather a mother is a mother no matter what.

CAPTION: Natalie Morales with her husband Joe Rhodes and children SOURCE: Hitberry

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