Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes married for almost two decades and don't have a single photo together.

July 13, 2016
First published on:July 13, 2016
by HitBerry

We all know the love of Natalie Morales and Instagram. It is adorable and she has pictures of many people. More accurately pictures of her whole life and what all is happening around. Natalie makes sure we know it all.


Hope these aren't words to live by on this #greatKatewait! Keeping expectations high today for #BabyCambridge

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But hey have you ever typed Natalie Morales and Joseph Rhodes on Google?

Go on. Let’s just try it maybe.

Photo of Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes with their children.

Photo of Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes with their children.

No doubts you did get a lot of news and even more photos, but quite interestingly not a single photo of just both of them together. Natalie is a busy American Journalist and Joe is an equally busy American Investment Consultant so yes the husband and wife definitely did not get time to click a SINGLE picture together.

How ironic for Natalie Morales, who is apparently a selfie addict did not get time to click one. Hmm, they might just be super busy and just don’t have time, although they are both married for almost two decades. Not a minute for 2 seconds of a photo. That busy, you know?

What is more interesting in this humble jumble is that Natalie Morales has pictures with the whole world except for her husband. She has a beach to show us, even football matches, some interviews too, and many people she meets in her job.


Where's the snowball?! @berkeleypup here's looking at you! @emilycook02

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Oh! wait, even Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delivering their first child.Precisely everyone.Everyone but just not her husband.


Look at their smiles! Such joy. Here's to new babies everywhere!

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After all, what is the need too? They see each other every day because they are :Husband and Wife aka life partners . There is simply no need for a stupid single couple photo you know. Privacy Issues I'd reckon.

But just wait a second,the twist in this story is more interesting that in some places you’d rather find pictures of Matt Lauer as Natalie Morales husband. We don’t blame you though Google. Just saying. Because even Natalie has a photo of Matt on her Instagram.


#olympicstoday first day on set at Olympic Park

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And they said everything is just a lie and rumours are just a namesake. Yet quite indigestible that Natalie Morales does not have a single photo with her husband. We don't say so; the Internet does.

However after a Sherlock search, we did find a photo of the couple together only to crush our hopes because even this is a cropped version.

Cropped version of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes's photo.

Original picture and Cropped version of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes's photo. But hopes don't die okay. We did find a photo which is again a cropped version.

We could not fetch the original photo but if you look at the photo carefully you can see Joe's arm is inclined upwards which obviously means there is also another person in the photo. #SedLyfYa

Just so you know Natalie Morales and Joseph Rhodes got married on August 22, 1998,(In 90's literally) and have a very “successful” marriage with two children who are both sons. But recently there have been several rumours of the couple heading to divorce because of her “very friendly” relations with Matt Lauer. Apparently, Matt Lauer’s wife  spotted a blonde haired woman(Natalie’s hair color ; luck by chance- not at all intended but noticed it) with Matt recently on holiday. Although Matt and Natalie have denied the affair; Natalie is shifting to Los Angeles, citing reasons to her ambitious nature and love for Hollywood. Oh yes, also a change of environment for her kids and “husband.”

Wedding picture of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes.

Wedding picture of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes. 

We wonder the needed change, though.And did we mention Matt Lauer had her fired because he wanted to put a full stop to all these rumours? Sources claim that too. Nevertheless, this chaos seems to not get any punctuation at least not a full stop but an exclamation mark every day. And here they'd said the Internet is getting boring with Pokemon Go.

Is there something more we should know and are missing out on a pretty big piece of this puzzle of the quadrangle relation of Natalie Morales, Joe Rhodes, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque? We leave that up to you to decide.

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