Natalia Muntean Kern - Biography - Wife of Frank Kern: The Internet marketing Guru

October 17, 2016
First Published On: October 17, 2016
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Natalia Muntean Kern born on 11 September 1980 is a hard working and dedicated model. She is a certified Master Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, published author and health and wellness ambassador.

After relocating from her hometown to the big city of United states and with her huge determination she has won the heart of many people.

Natalia KernNatalia Kern

Natalia Muntean kern as a model has won many international beauty awards including Ms Bikini Universe 2008 3RD place, Ms Bikini Florida 2008 1st place and Fitness Model World Champion. Her contributions in the field of health and fitness are very praiseworthy.

Natalia Kern in the cover page of World Pshysique Natalia Kern in the cover page of World Physique

 Early Life and Career

Natalia Muntean kern was born on 11 September 1980 in Ukraine. There she was born in a small village and studied in one of the small school there. She then moved to the United States at the age of 21. First, she had a very tough time getting adopted in the new environment as she could barely speak English but she made her way and never looked back.

Natalia Muntean kern was 24 when she first started her modelling career. She soon made up to the stage as a bikini competitor and won few biggest titles. She won the Ms Bikini Universe ad Fitness Model World Champion.


Natalia Muntean kern has also been associated with many magazines and has been in almost 30 magazine covers worldwide till now. Moreover, she truly is into health and fitness and her love for it can be seen in the social media where she has given talked and taught people how to stay fit.

Natalia Kern on InstagramNatalia Kern on Instagram

Natalia Muntean kern has also written contents related to health and fitness for 12 magazines on every continent and her work was translated into many languages worldwide.   

Natalia Muntean kern is very much active and followed in her social websites. She has almost 4K followers on twitter, 10K followers on Instagram and 6k followers on youtube.

Personal Life

Natalia Kern and Frank Kern with their childrenNatalia Kern and Frank Kern with their children

Natalia Muntean kern is married to the internet marketing guru Frank Kern. She has four children with her husband Frank. Natalia and her husband with their four children live in San Diego, California.

Natalia Kern with her childNatalia Kern with her child

Natalia Muntean Kern not only keeps her health balanced but also very much expert in making a balanced family life. She takes good care of her family and is very much conscious about their happiness. She has not only proved herself as a good momma but also as a brilliant wife. There is no any news about distribution in the martial relation of Natalia and Frank Kern.

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