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Naomi Wirthner and her husband, who she's been married to for a while support their son in his acting career.

March 28, 2016
First published on:March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Frank Dillane has a promising career ahead of himself. We all know him as Tom Riddle in the last installment of the Harry Potter series - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and he gave us the impression of what Lord Voldemort was like when he was in his younger days. Perhaps his role was one of the most praised ones, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson being a given.

Not only Frank himself, but his parents also have had a great acting career. Naomi Wirthner, whose one of the legs is prosthetic has appeared in few movies like Soldier Soldier (2008), Fiona’s Love Story (1998), etc. Her husband, Stephane Dillane on the other hand has had more share of success. Having appeared in numerous movies and with iconic role in the play The Real Thing as well his other memorable roles in the movies like King Arthur, The Hours, etc as well as his performance in various TV shows like the hit series The TunnelThe Game of Thrones he has been awarded with numerous nominations and wins. Naomi and Stephane after dating a long time got married. They have two children- Frank and Seamus Dillane.

With the success of the parents, Frank has had many first hand exposure and experiences that made him a great star. The nationality of Stephane is Irish while Naomi seems to from African Descent. Frank is also starring as Nick Clark in the The Walking Dead spinoff TV series Fear the Walking Dead and one may argue that he is one of the main attraction to the series. His performance in this show has led to him being nominated for best performer by a young artist and the results are yet to be out. We also saw him as Henry Coffin in the 2015 movie In the Heart of the Sea. Both the movie and Frank’s performance received praise from the critics and the viewer’s alike.

Just 24, and Frank has landed roles in various movies and TV shows. With their son one away to become a great actor, Naomi and Stephane cannot hide their excitement and their ecstatic feeling for their son. Based on his current accomplishment, many believe that Frank may one day become face of the television industry and even land many main stream movies. The father and son duo has appeared in various movies like Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) where we saw young Frank debut in the movies. Frank is also a guitarist for a band named Tinker Wright. Their shows and performances are available on YouTube. For a person his age, Frank has earned more fame and success making him more mature and independent.

With an average height of 1.77m and his hot appearance, Frank is surely one of the hottest boys around. His fans, who consist of mostly ladies love him. He has many followers on Instagram and Twitter and he regularly updates his photos from his work for his fans.

The estimate net worth of the celebrity family is around a staggering figure of $10 million.