Naomi Watts and Reese Witherspoon get chatty on the Tiffany & Co red carpet.

Naomi Watts and Reese Witherspoon get chatty on the Tiffany & Co red carpet.

Usually, the red carpet is the place where celebrities show off their dates, their clothes and their bodies posing for pictures, looking pretty and stuff. But when Naomi Watts met Reese Witherspoon on Tiffany & Co Red carpet they couldn’t help catch up to their talks.

Among other stars who gathered for the celebration of 2016 Blue Book Collection that took place in Cunard Building in New York City, Reese and Naomi shined the brightest.

Naomi and Witherspoon are good friends but being such busy people, they hardly get any time to meet up and talk like normal people. So, when they met on Friday, it was a very joyful moment for them. They are indeed busy in their work miles apart from each other so it definitely made them happy reuniting and at such as a main event no less. 


They keep talking to each other while others posed for the pictures. They could not help themselves from hugging and cuddling like two little cute puppies.

Even while posing for pictures with fellow actress Jessica Biel and Diane Kruger, they were engaged in a deep reunion. Despite the former two waiting for their chat to be over, they kept going on and on.

The ladies were looking absolutely stunning with Naomi in beautiful blue frock and Reese in a mesmerizing black flower embedded gown. Together with the Tiffany jewelry they were looking amazing and shining like a star. More of their pictures is available on Dailymail.

Naomi became the first person to post their reunion in their Instagram


Nuf said! So much fun tonight @tiffanyandco ???????? @naomiwatts ???? #TiffanyBlueBook

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“naomiwattsWho better to have #dinnerattiffanys tonight than with my gorgeous friend @reesewitherspoon celebrating the new #tiffanybluebook from @tiffanyandco ????????????” wrote Naomi along with a picture of them together.

Reese also did not waste any of her time to post their pictures and even promoting Tiffany jewelry in her Instagram.