Nancy Strang married her husband Louis Theroux in 2012 and they have 2 sons

HitBerryPublished on   06 Dec, 2016Updated on   04 Jul, 2018

Nancy Strang is a Television director who married Louis Theroux in 2012. By looking at their pictures, it would appear that the lovebirds are really happy with each other.


Find out about their married life and children down below.

Nancy Strang and Louis Theroux marriage and wedding

The couple held their wedding reception on July 7th, 2012 at his local pub. Prior to their marriage, they dated for quite a long time and waited for the perfect time to make it official.

Currently, they reside in Harlesden, London, United Kingdom. Before London, the pair used to temporarily live in Los Angeles, California, United States of America; allowing Louis to focus more on his "LA Stories" series.

The lovebirds didn’t really invest much in their wedding and tried to keep it simple as much as they could. Hence, they celebrated their marriage at the local pub. Sources believe that Theroux’s father and mother (both novelists) attended the wedding and had a great time together.

Now, it has been more than 4 years since they got married; and they still look so in love with each other. So, chances of divorce are quite low. 

Louis Theroux and Nancy Strang

Louis Theroux and Nancy Strang Source: thetimes

Source: pictures.zimbio

Nancy and Louis's Children

Nancy and Louis have two children (both sons) together named Albert Theroux and Frederick Theroux. At present, they reside with their parents in London. And with all the pictures, they look quite happy.

Furthermore, since their father pretty much earns a great amount of money; they don’t seem to have any kinda problems relating money.

Louis's children

Louis's children Source: catalogue.presto

Who is Louis Theroux?

Louis Theroux is a British documentary filmmaker born on 20th May 1970: in Singapore. He is most popular for his work: "Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends", "When Louis Met" and more. To this day, he has won two British Academy Television Awards’ and a Royal Television Society Award.

He has been active since 1993; and with that being said, his net worth took a great height (Net worth: $4 million).

Louis Theroux Personal Life

As about his personal life, he has been married twice: first with his high school sweetheart, Susanna Kleeman in 1998, divorced in 2001; and second Nancy. His first work would be in the United States at "Metro Silicon Valley".

In 1992, he was hired by the "Spy Magazine" as a writer. And since then, he has been working hard to keep his family happy.

Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux Source: nebeep