Nancy O'Dell and husband Keith Zubulevich renewing their wedding vows!!

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Journalist Nancy O’Dell and husband Keith Zubulevich have been married since the year 2005. They married on the 29th of June and have recently expressed their intentions in renewing their wedding vows next year on the 29th of June to mark ten years of their married life and togetherness.

They made a statement saying, “Every year we keep growing stronger and happier and next year we want to celebrate it in an extravagant manner to commemorate our union and the many more years to come.”

When they were married in 2005, it was a spectacular event which was limited to only selected guest, although they had first decided on having a big enormous wedding. But in the last moment, they changed their plans and invited only family and close friends. Only 62 people were invited. The wedding still was as posh a wedding they could get. There was a renowned string quartet which played Pachlbell’s “Canon D” on the lawn overlooking the pacific.

The reception was in the private estate of the couple in their circular dining hall filled with extra ordinary center pieces of mixed deep rose that looked as though they were afloat in the air. They hired a florist, an interior designer and textile experts to turn the room into a magical gate away and succeeded in doing so. The pictures of the dining room are available online and they are spectacular.

Nancy and Keith have said they want to re-do their wedding vows in the same exact manner they had done it ten years back. They want the magic of that day to come back again and now they have said it will be even more beautiful now that their children can attend it to.

Nancy first met Keith when they exchanged glances at an airport security line in 2004. After that, they started to frequent each other more often and then started dating, after which they went on to be inseparable. Both Nancy and Keith have been married before and they both have said that their marriage was like as if they were doing it for the first time.

Nancy and Keith have been seen as a happy couple attending all their functions together and have always accompanied each other to events. There has never been a case when Nancy was alone or Keith had come by himself. Nancy and Keith together have three children with Nancy giving birth to her daughter at the age of 41.

Nancy is 49 years of age and will be reaching her golden jubilee next year on the 25th of February. She has said she is looking forward to next year as it will be special for her and her family. Nancy is very popular on Twitter with over 954K followers and is known to tweet regularly. She can be followed on Twitter under the username @nancyodell. On Instagram to she has a huge following but it does not match up to her Twitter account. Like in Twitter, she is known to post pictures of herself and husband Keith and family online and can be followed at nancyodell.