Nancy Cordes married. Who is her husband? Know about affairs and relationship

June 11, 2017
First Published On: June 11, 2017
by HitBerry

The popular CBS News congressional correspondent; Nancy Cordes, came to spotlight as a regular contributor to CBS news programs. The beautiful American lady has built a reputed personality in her field.

Well, leaving her professional life aside, as most of you know about that we will be talking about her personal life. It is known that this beautiful lady is already married. However, she does not give any hint to the media.

Nancy Cordes married Harald Cordes in 2006.

Nancy is very secretive regarding her personal life. She gives a lot of time to her career that’s why we are unable to know much of her personal life. If we try to find out what’s going on with her, we come out with more confusions.

Nancy Cordes during her work Nancy Cordes during her work  Source: adweek

Nancy married in 2006 with her long-time boyfriend. But she never talks about her husband in the public. Neither she posts her husband’s pictures in social media. We do know that her husband’s name is Harald Cordes.

Unfortunately, nothing more than her husband’s name is known. The exact information regarding how they met and how long they dated is hidden behind the curtain. If you go through the internet, no doubt you will find some sites claiming they are not married but she is a married lady.

In 2016, Nancy posted a picture on Twitter and said her real life husband is Harald Cordes. That is the only picture we have of her with Harald till date. The man in the right corner is the husband of Nancy, we guess according to her caption.

Nancy Cordes is a mother of two children.

Though Nancy doesn't reveal her husband to the public she talked about her children few times. She is a mother of two children; Lila(2008) and Noah(2010). As Nancy and Barack Obama attended the same school, her children think Nancy works with Barack. She said,

“My kids think that I work with Barack Obama. They think that they can talk to me when they see me on TV. They will run up to the television when they see me and say, ‘Mommy, I need to tell you something.”

Nancy Cordes with her children Nancy Cordes with her children  Source: washingtonian

Till now, Nancy is a successful journalist, a caring mother, and a loving wife. Nancy and Harald are both busy on their own schedule, so they do not hang out often.