Mythbuster's Tory Belleci and rumored ex-girlfriend Kari Byron deny allegations that he is gay

April 23, 2017
First Published On: August 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Tory Belleci, the person known for designing the federation battleship from the Star Wars saga, has recently come under immense scrutiny after he was rumored to be gay. Tory, however, has lashed back at the allegations, saying he is straight and people coming up with such rumors should “get a life”.

Tory has also been supported by his ex-girlfriend Kari Byron over the allegation and Kari was very outspoken about the topic too. She simply stated that the allegation was downright stupid and ignorant. Tory is one of the many stars who have been targeted over the past few months by internet activist, mostly for propaganda.

Tory, who is currently dating a woman from his production house, has even threatened to sue the activist as it has led to difficulties between him and his current partner. However, Tory has decided not to pursue the matter any further by stating that he did not want to be brought down to the level of the accused.

Whom Tory was dating before

Before dating his present girlfriend, Terry had been dating his former co-host Kari for a couple of years and maintained a healthy relationship with her, even after they split. Kari and Terry are still very supportive of each other’s work and are still very good friends.

Tory, who began concentrating his focus on model making prior to the end of the hit discovery show “Mythbbusters”, has gained wide spread recognition for his work. He is considered by many to be the leading personality when it comes to sc-fi architecture.

Tory is also a filmmaker who specializes in short films. He is renowned for his short film “SandTroper”, which has been the recipient of many awards. He is currently working on two undisclosed short movies, which he aims to screen in the 2016 Sundance and Venice film festivals respectively.

Tory, who grew up fascinated with model making and explosive engineering early on in his childhood, exploded a pipe bomb accidentally. It resulted in him getting arrested. He was later schooled by a police officer, who advised him to put his fascination to better use.

The incident led to the birth of the legendary model maker and engineer, Tory Belleci. Tory still holds the highest regard for the officer and is still in contact with him.

Tory and his media personality

Tory is a rather popular figure among Star Wars fans. He maintains constant communication with them through social media. He also conducts model sales of various miniatures, which are very high end and extremely expensive for the normal person, through Instagram.

Terry can be followed on Twitter @ToryBelleci and on Instagram as torybelleci.

Tory has not been married so far, but has said he is still in pursuit of his ideal wife. He has also said his wife should be a woman who loves Star Wars as much as he does.

Tory's net worth remains undisclosed.

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