Mystery Revealed: Who is Lil Kim's Child's Father? Ex-Husband Mr. Papers Or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The real name of Lil’ Kim is Kimberly Denise Jones. She is an American record producer, actress, model, rapper, and songwriter. Hard Core is the debut studio album of Lil' Kim which was certified double platinum by Recording Industry Association of America.

Whether it's her songs or her or her relationship rumors, she has always successfully been on the top of the news. When Lil's pregnancy news was broadcasted in the media, everyone was just so keen to who's the father of the baby. Know more here…

Mystery Revealed: Who's the Lil Kim's Child's father?

The real dad of Lil Kim's child is Mr. Papers. Speaking up about their relationship, Lil and Mr. Papers dated from May 2012. After dating for around three years, the couple got divorced in December 2015. As soon as Lil Kim's pregnancy news got bounced in the internet, everyone started keeping their views on who is the child's date.

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers

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Lil Kim and Mr. Papers

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers

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There were rumors of Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the father of the unborn child. People also claimed that the father of Lil's child is Floyd as they have been best of the friends and even dated. There were also various rumors of Kim flying over to Vegas to visit Mayweather. But as soon her pregnancy news got the highlight, rapper Mr. Papers claimed that he is the father of the child and reports his credit for the pregnancy. He tweeted:

"Royal is a good name for the little homie,"

Also, he flourished his twitter with sweet tweets calling him the father of the child. It was actually a surprise pregnancy. While her pregnancy news got revealed, she was not dating anyone. However, Mr. Papers soon stepped up the clear the mystery of the child's father.

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Lil Kim surprised her fans when she arrived at New York Fashion Week with her baby bump. Shortly after her pregnancy news got flashed, she explained that:

"I'm so excited! I'm a few months along; I can't wait to be a mom! I'm still going to work! I'm still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!"

She also revealed her baby shower date and was spotted sharing the gender of their first child. Mr. Papers was also spotted saying:

"Nah we together, bruh. You know how they like to talk; we together. That's my wife; that's my baby"

Lil Kim gave birth to their first child in 9th June 2014. Going through her official Instagram account, she has posted numerous pictures with her baby girl, Royal Kim. She seems to be happily enjoying her motherhood. Have a look…

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Well, i must say she gave birth to a pretty baby girl. Don't you guys agree with it? I'm pretty sure you do.