Musician Geddy Lee, aged 62, has an impressive guitar collection and a net worth of 28 million

August 24, 2015
First published on:August 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Musician Geddy Lee’s style, technique and his skill on the bass guitar have become an inspiration for countless other rock artists and musicians – from Metallica’s Cliff Burton to Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris and from John Myung of Dream Theater to Les Claypool of Primus. This award winning Canadian musician, singer and songwriter, who is best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Canadian rock group Rush has always been known for his unique taste of rock music.

The Canadian music legend is widely popular for his distinctive, "countertenor" falsetto, his resonant vocal and his unique singing style and ability to span nearly three octaves, from baritone through tenor, alto, and mezzo-soprano pitch ranges. It is his uniqueness and extensive talent that brought huge success to his band Rush, thanks to which the professional music maker has estimated net worth of around $28 million. And it is even believed that his net worth has reached $30 million in these past few years.  

A wine collector by hobby, Geddy Lee has around five thousand bottles of varieties of wine. His favorite one is Burgundies. The talented singer and bass player, aged 62, travels to France every year just to enjoy the taste of different wines and French cheese. The avid wine collector is also known for his collaboration with Grapes for Humanity, which has been providing scholarship named after Geddy himself to the students of winemaking at Niagara College since 2011. His passion for wine and music has indeed helped him in his career and finance.

Besides being a wine fanatic and collector of varieties of wine, Mr. Perfectionist is very much into collecting something else as well. He loves keeping store of bass guitars. Many people don’t know about his passion for bass guitar but it seems so obvious because this celebrated bassist has always been popular for his extraordinary talent for bass guitars.

In a recent interview with Lee, got an opportunity to talk to him about his huge bass guitar collection. He gave a tour of his wide studio cum room where he stores his collection of bass guitars. He also admitted that he had always been drawn to bass players.

The film maker and musician Sam Dunn also got a golden opportunity to see Lee’s collection during the filming of the Lee’s band Rush’s biopic Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage. Dunn was invited into Lee’s personal ‘bass room’ in the basement of his house in Toronto. Dunn, who is a bass player himself said, “Being a bass player myself, this was a pretty big highlight.

He added, “Lee has the history of the bass guitar on his walls.”

The wine and bass guitar collector is married to Nancy Young since 1976. They have two children: a son, Julian, and a daughter, Kyla. The singer is not active on Twitter and Instagram.


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