Musician and Car Enthusiast Jay Kay plagued by stalker who wants to be his girlfriend

September 7, 2015
First Published On: September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Musician and a car enthusiast, Jason Kay, most popularly known by Jay Kay, recently suffered panic attacks after he was stalked and harassed by an infatuated female fan.

The Jamiroquai star Kay was followed by a crazy female stalker named Ilona Angel, aged 51. The fan stalked the 45 year old singing sensation to his house and even confessed her love for him while at his doorstep. The woman turned up on his 4.5 million pound luxurious mansion at Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire several times within six month time span. The singer did not even know about the Angel camping on his property for two weeks.  

As the matter seemed to be slipping out of his hand, Kay filed a case in the Oxford Magistrate Court. Despite all the harassing visits, the stalker denied the claims made by Kay. But she was convicted of the allegations on July 15 after a trail. After Angel was found guilty, she received a restraining order from the court, banning her from making contacts with Kay ever again, either directly or indirectly. She was also banned from visiting his home and was fined 1,045 pound.

According to Kay, the fanatical stalker visited his house and pressed the buzzer and said that she wanted to speak to him but he turned her down and send her away. But despite being sent away, the woman came back six more times between 8 pm to 10 pm. She confessed her love via his intercom and said, 'I am not going to give up on you. I love you.'

Irritated and sick of the non-sense, the singer, who has a collection of over 100 luxury cars, warned her for trespassing his property. But to his horror, the woman responded, ‘Why are you being like this?’

Jay Kay asked Angel why she kept coming and nagging him like that and she said: "I think you know what this is about. Deep down you know what this is about."

During the trial, the singer confessed to have suffered from short-term insomnia for several nights after the harassing encounter with the stalker. He also suffered panic attacks and depression. Kay added: 'I was genuinely in fear for my safety and the safety of the others in my home.

'Her visits were unpredictable and she was appearing more and more aggressive when she could not see or speak to me.

'I believe her erratic behaviour means she is not mentally sound and I lived in fear of what she was capable of doing next.'

While the singer accused Angel of inflicting psychological torture on him, the wrongdoer admitted that she had no intention of harassing and distressing him. But she refused to say why she targeted Kay and his property. His net worth of $70 million and his vast riches might be the main reason.

The trail was judged by District judge Tim Patterson. Sentencing her to her punishment, the judge said: "Mr Kay is entitled to his privacy as much as anyone else is. It seems to me that you had no regard for this or for his partner's concerns."

'This was a prolonged period of harassment. You called on a number of occasions during the period between September last year and March this year.

'This was a real cause of distress and concern to Mr Kay. You have already heard some reference from the prosecutor as to the effect this had upon him.

'I will remind you of his evidence during the trial when he said, "I felt major panic, and there was an element of tension, nervousness and raised heart rate".'

Patterson added: 'It made him even more nervous than if you had made threats.

'He was also concerned that you somehow even knew his dog's name and that your calm demeanour had a sinister edge to it.'

The lead singer of the British acid jazz band, Jamiroquai previously dated his former girlfriend, Denise Van Outen from 1998 to 2001. They were on a verge of getting engaged before the couple spilt.