Music Executive Justin Siegel was married to 'Shameless' Actress Emmy Rossum, Couple divorced citing irreconcilable differences

June 19, 2015
First Published On: June 19, 2015
by HitBerry

Music Executive Justin Seigel posted a picture of Bec Hollcraft with a cryptic caption on his Instagram a few days back. The Musician, not to be confused with the minor league baseball player, left fans wondering after he posted the picture with the caption:

“Hi friends. I'm interrupting my little social media break because something I was a part of beginning has now ended. I haven't publicly discussed what happened two years ago; I may one day, but I may not ever. The only thing you need to take away from anything you might hear out there is this: do not take your eye off of @bechollcraft. She was a force before these last four years, she was a force during these last four years, and you can be sure she's going to be even moreso now. So follow her everywhere you can, every social media network, every website and stay connected. She'll have food for your ears and your brains soon enough. Bye for now! –J”

Some fans wanted to know if Hollcraft and Siegel had broken up, referring to the rumors about them being a couple. According to rumors, Siegel and Hollcraft started dating sometime after Sigel’s divorce with Shameless actress Emmy Rossum. The former couple got married in 2008. Siegel filed for divorce a year later in 2009. As per the reports, Siegel cited irreconcilable differences as his reason for divorce. Their divorce was finalized in December, 2010.

Hollcraft and Siegel have known each other since his time at his band City (Comma) State. Siegel, age 33 joined the band in 2010, with other members, Jordan McGraw, Ryan “Frogs” McCormack, and Drew Langan. The band was a project started by Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus. The band has also been associated with several other musicians like Alex Gaskarth and Joanna Pacitti. The band announced their split in an interview on May, 2011