MSNBC Mika Brzezinski Divorce Husband Jim Hoffers after 23 Years. Is She Dating Joe Scarborough?

MSNBC regular Mika Brzezinki turned out to be a rather secretive person - she managed to keep her divorce in the shadows until everything was finalized and settled. Must have taken quite a lot of time and energy to hide it from the media. 49-year-old MSNBC broadcaster Mika was married to her former husband for 23 long years.

Mika at the Red Carpet of NBC Universal

Mika at the Red Carpet of NBC Universal

Mika and Jim Hoffer's long-term Marriage

Multi-talented Mika who is known to be an author, a journalist, as well as a TV personality, was married to investigative reporter Jim Hoffer in 1993. The former couple met one another on the sets of WTIC-TV (a Fox-affiliated TV station). They have two daughters - Emilie, who is currently enrolled at John Hopkins University (Class of 2018) and their younger daughter Carlie, is on the run to join Dartmouth College (Class of 2020). The family lives in a 1920's ancient English Tudor house in New York. 

Mika with her fomer Husband Jim and her two daughters Emilie and Carlie

Mika with her former Husband Jim and her two daughters Emilie and Carlie

Mika Brzezinski and Jim Hoffer's Divorce in 2016

According to a statement made by an MSNBC representative, the divorce was finalized last year itself. "She is really thankful that the divorce was done rather low-key and in a cordial manner. She feels sad for her family because she has two young daughters and wants to put her entire focus on them", the MSNBC source shared with Page Six.

 A friend of the mother of two expressed that Mika has been much of an outgoing person - as can be seen in her books. She talks about her success and failures, eating disorders and disappointments in life. "I am sure she will open up about what is going on around when she feels like is the right time", the source mentioned to Page Six.

Mika with her ex-husband Jim (L), Mika with her co-host Joe Scarborough

Mika with her ex-husband Jim (L), Mika with her co-host Joe Scarborough (R)

Mika and her co-host Joe Scarborough in a relationship?

Rumors have been spreading like crazy as to confirm whether the recent divorcee is having an affair with the former republican representative, Joe Scarborough. The pair has been co-hosting the weekday morning show "Morning Joe" since 2007.

53-year-old Scarborough has previously been married to Susan Waren (2001-2013), who has previously worked with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The former couple has two children, a son, and a daughter. He was not married once but twice! His first marriage relationship was with Melanie Hinton (1986-1999). The two had two sons together who are in their 20's.

As soon as the new broke out regarding Mika's divorce, various media speculations were made. As per a source from NBC "Everybody at 30 Rock knows that they are a couple. At any event, the duo is seen together and they leave together too. They are also each other's publicists; they even speak the same things - they complete one another's sentences." Moreover, Mika had greatly supported Joe when he was fighting for gender pay gap and also Mika managed to get a pay raise when it was publicly known that Joe had a much more pay than her.

Since there has been no confirmation regarding the two being together, guess we all got to do is wait!