MSNBC Host Abby Huntsman joins Fox News as a news reporter with a huge salary hike

HitBerryPublished on   05 Oct, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Abby Huntsman, who has held prestigious positions in prominent networks in the US like ABC News and MSNBC, has finally landed her dream job at the leading network in the country, Fox News.

Abby will be joining Fox News as general assignment reporter, who will mainly focus on the financial sector for the network. She has been confirmed by the network and all of the official documentation has been completed. Sources also claim that she will be getting a raise in comparison to her previous pay cut.

Abby was previously working on MSNBC and was furious when the network pulled the plug on one of her most important shows, “The Cycle”. This resulted in her being utterly disappointed with the network and her deciding to move away from her commitments at the network.

However, sources claim that MSNBC was also having a problem with her way of presenting, mainly due to her habit of voicing her personal opinions when she was mainly asked only to deliver hard facts. Abby, due to her solid political background, used to get carried away at times and issue statements disregarding the talk show’s manifesto.

She is the daughter of former governor and 2012 presidential candidate John Huntsman Jr. She was also the head of the campaigning project for her father during the early days of her father’s run. However, she left her campaigning position to be a political commentator for ABC news.

Abby, prior to rising to fame with the country’s top networks, began her career in humble beginnings at her home state. She has moved on to achieve great success at a professional level. She was a presenter at one of the most popular programs in the US, the “Good Morning America “show.

Other than media, she has also held positions in corporate sectors in Fortune 500 companies like Burson-Marsteller. She has also been featured in the popular newspaper Huffington Post as a host and producer. She is also known to frequent many shows on CNN.

Abby is married to her long time boyfriend, whom she met in her early days in college. Her husband Jeffery Bruce Livingston and Abby married in the year 2010. Their wedding was attended by many important political personalities from her home state Utah. The couples don’t have any children so far, although Abby has said she plans to start a family with Bruce in her mid-thirties.

Abby is just twenty-nine years old age and one of the hottest hosts on the Fox network.  Abby is also an active user of the picture sharing social net working site Instagram and can be followed under the user name huntsmanabby. Huntsman earns an annual salary five hundred thousand dollars.