Movie Producer and director James Wan opens up on what he looks for in a girlfriend or a wife

HitBerryPublished on   03 Jan, 2016Updated on   03 Jan, 2016

James Wan, age 38, is a famous director, producer and screenwriter. We all remember him as the “King of Horror”. The Malaysian born and the Australian producer, director and the screenwriter has entertained and scared us with his one of the hit movie ‘Saw’ 2004, which we all know it as a spine chilling movie, enough to anyone nightmares.

The Los Angeles resident James Wan has finally came out of his mysterious cocoon of love and romance. We do not usually get the chance to hear Wan dating or of him being in a long term relationship. He always seems to be so busy in the world of horror for romance.

But now, we can say he also has opened his heart to love and romance. Insiders have revealed that Wan has finally opened up about what he looks upon his girlfriend or wife.

He directs and writes scripts for the scariest of the scary movies, but in real, he is very amiable and loves to make other happy. The source spills that he expects his girlfriend to be just as loving.

First and foremost, any potential girlfriend should be able to respect his job. He would like to go completely head over hills with a girl who is affectionate and passionate about him and likes the way he is. He is said to adore many happily married couple and wants his relationship to follow in those footsteps.

Our sources also add that Wan is a genuine person who does not want to waste time dating for the sake of dating. In a sense, he is that type of guy who wants a serious and the long term relationship. There may be a long line of girls who want this successful director, but their chances seem dismally low. Watch out girls… You must have certain qualities if you want to win Wan.

James Wan has been active in the field of direction and screenwriting since 1999. He had directed many creepy and successful horror movies like Saw (2004), Dead Silence and Death Sentence (both 2007), Insidious (2011), The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2 (both 2013). He is also directing the upcoming 2016 movie, or better say horror sequel, The Conjuring 2. So, be ready guys to get goose bumps at the theatre. Wan also has successfully directed a trailer for the survival horror video game Dead Space.

The Lord of Nightmares has given many hit movies and certainly earns lots and lots of money. But he has not yet disclosed his net worth to the public. This gives the impression of him being secretive (which isn’t entirely untrue). But even if he likes to keep things from us, we love him anyways.