Movie actress Kiersey Clemons and her hot boyfriend getting a house together?

HitBerryPublished on   11 Dec, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Kiersey Clemons, who has been voted by the fans and public as the coolest girl in Hollywood, has been seen recently house hunting with her boyfriend.

Kiersey, who is turning twenty two this month on the 17th next week, has said she wants to celebrate her birthday this year with her boyfriend in her own place. Sources close to Clemons have said she has already seen a number of places and has her eye on one particular house which looks over the city.

However, Clemons and her boyfriend are still searching the real estate market for something that may be even more extraordinary then what they found. Clemons, who currently lives with her roommates, decided this summer to move in with her boyfriend as she wants to take their relationship further.

Clemons was also known to have been spending most of her nights at her boyfriends and has even joked about it by saying “I too owned the place. It’s just that I lived somewhere else”.  Clemons has said they are getting a house together because she and her boyfriend are serious about their relationship and plan to make their bond stronger in the coming years.

Clemons and her boyfriend began dating about three years back and have remained inseparable since then. Clemons, who was voted into the top ten sexy new comers in the industry this year, has also been voted by fans to the number one spot in top ten hot African American young celebrities.

Clemons, in a professional level, has been an amazing actress and she has already managed to feature in one of the best movies of 2015 “Dope”. She is currently filming for the sequel to the popular movie “Neighbors” in which she will be playing the character Beth. The movie has been titled “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising “.

She is also filming another movie titled “Little Bitches”, which is also set for release in 2016.

Some of Clemons’s most note worthy performances in TV series have come through shows like “Shake It Up” and “ Eye Candy”.

In 2015 itself, she has been a part of five TV shows and has had main roles in shows like “Extant “ and “ Transparent”.  

Clemons’ ethnicity is African American and her nationality is American. She is also very outspoken about her nationality and African American rights in the country. Clemons has also given due credit to her parents and their support toward her acting career. She has time and again said she would be nowhere without her parents.

Clemons is a very popular figure on social media and is known to post fresh feeds regularly. She has over 110K followers on Instagram and she can be followed as kiersey.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.