Movie actress Diva Zappa has no intention of getting married, too focused on career for dating and boyfriends

December 14, 2015
First Published On: December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Diva Zappa is the youngest daughter of Rock and Roll star Frank Zappa. Diva, who has such immense shoes to fill, has said she does not intend to get married or even distract herself with boyfriends and partners.

She rather wants to divert all of her focus and attention onto her career and the projects she has been handling lately. Diva has also said romance and relationships are bad for business. She mentioned that she learnt this from her elder siblings, all of whom have gone through difficult times due to failed marriages or bad relationships.

Diva, who has not been married yet, has also said she does not see herself ever having a husband. However, in the past, she was known to have several boyfriends. She was also known to be dating children of other rock and roll stars.

Diva, who was raised in the Rock and Roll household, has also said she grew up never believing in the sacred union of marriage. She says she rather believes in living as a free spirit without commitments and connection to any person or anything other than the ones she chose for herself.

Diva considers herself to be an artist involved in various spheres of art work. She is a designer known for her knitwear and an actor for film and television shows. She is also a bespoke clothing business woman. Being involved in so many things requires dedication, time management and composure. She believes a relationship or a commitment simply destroys any chance of success in the field.

She is currently working alongside prominent documentary filmmakers on a project showcasing her father’s life as a prominent rock and roll star in the 80’s. Apart from the anticipated documentary, she has also committed herself to an upcoming TV series based in the rock and roll scene and culture where she is an adviser cum wardrobe specialist for the show.

Diva has had a decent career in onscreen entertainment and has been featured in a number of TV shows and movies so far. Some of her most noteworthy appearances have come in films like “Anarchy TV”, which was her first film appearance. “Children of the Corn” and “National Lampoons” are her other major appearances on screen.

As for TV shows, she was a part of “Felicity, Brothers & Sisters” and “The Mighty Boosh”. She also tried her hand in singing and her most famous single was “When the Ball Drops”.

Diva is a regular social net worker. However, she does not have as many followers as she is supposed to. Her followers in social media totals upto just 15 K. She is a regular Twitter and is known to post fresh feeds on Instagram and can be followed as divazappa.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.