Movie Actress Aimee Carrero talks about bringing home her hot boyfriend to meet her parents

December 14, 2015
First published on:December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

It seems ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ star Amy Carrero still needs approval from her parents when it comes to who she dates. Given that the actress is already 27 years old, it is pretty odd that she searches for her parent’s consent in her love life.  

The actress recently tweeted that she was going to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents. She tweeted, “Bringing my boyfriend home to meet my Latin parents can only mean one thing: his ass is sleeping in the guest room tonight. #wepa”

This caused a frenzy in the social media platform. There were many speculations about who the ‘Young and Hungry’ actress was dating at the moment. Even though Carrero herself has not made an official statement, it is believed that she is dating a co-star from the same show.

Carrero introducing her boyfriend to her parents is a pretty predictable move. The actress was born in the Dominic Republic. Even though she is an American by nationality, she is of Latin ethnicity. She values Latin culture very much and seeking parent’s acceptance for the person you are dating is pretty common in Latin culture.

Her move of introducing her boyfriend to her parents could mean that things are getting pretty serious between her and her present boyfriend. She has stated in her former interviews that anybody who wants to get married with her and become her husband should seek approval from her parents.

Carrero has been a prominent face in the TV industry for quite a long time now. She made her first television appearance in ‘Lincoln Heights’. After that, she has made appearance in several movies, short films and TV series. She has also performed as an Off-Broadway actor.  She will be providing her voice as Disney’s first Latin princess in a series titled in ‘Elana of Alvor’, which will be released in 2016.  

It is expected that Carrero’s popularity on the social networking will experience a sudden rise after the release of her Disney series. Her Instagram account is very popular among her fans. Her Instagram has over 100k followers while her Twitter account only has around 11k followers. She is also very active on Facebook.

 The actress frequently posts hot and sexy photos of herself in her Instagram account. Her primary use for her Twitter account is to keep her fan updated about the news from her shows. She has posted several photos wearing a bikini in her Instagram.  This could be the reason behind her Instagram account being more popular than her Twitter account.

The actress’ net worth is not yet revealed. But, it is believed that she brings home more than a million dollars per year as her salary. Various news outlets also claim that her net worth could be somewhere around $5 million dollars.