Movie actress Adair Tishler's parents don't approve of her boyfriend

December 22, 2015
First Published On: December 22, 2015
by HitBerry

She was born only in the late 1990’s, but Adair Tishler is gradually becoming the next big thing. Tishler, age 19, is however still living with her parents and they have some restrictions when it comes to her dating life. If reports are to be believed, Tishler’s parents seriously disapprove of her latest boyfriend.

Well, we do not know much about Adair Tishle and her personal life since her hiatus from the Hollywood back in 2010. But, she does maintain many friends and is currently committed to finishing her undergraduates at the DePaul University. So, this is currently just a gossip (how true it is remains unknown).

Close friends of hers have mentioned that her parents are actually not sure that Tishler’s new boyfriend is the right guy for her. Maybe he has too many tattoos. Or perhaps he is just not one’s ideal image of what one’s daughter’s love should be. Anyways, we would have to go to Tennessee and ask her parents what is actually the case. But, as far as we know, her parents think that she is still not mature enough for a committed relationship.

Adair Tishler is most commonly known as Molly Walker. She portrayed the cute orphan way back in 2006 and continued to reprise her role for the next two years. And she did not play any regular orphan. She played an orphan who had extraordinary tracing powers in the NBC hit series Heroes. Just two years in the business and the talented teen from Nashville became the next face.

Her role won her the Young Artist Award in the category "Best Performance in a TV Series - Supporting Young Actress". It also allowed her to feature in different hit series. Some of these include movies and series such as Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy, Saving Grace, Paperdoll and Ruthless.

We still picture her as the cute little girl. So pictures of her in bikinis and sexy hot photo-shoots are hard to digest. And to add to it, she is not the biggest user of social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. However, like any other people nowadays, she is one avid user of Facebook. Who isn’t?

Before the start of her undergraduate studies, there were no reports of Tishler dating anyone. However, rumors have popped up that she is dating another freshman at her new university. Well, dating as freshmen in college is nothing big. But for the lucky guy, he is dating a childhood star who definitely will have no problems finding guys.

Well, lucky guy, we do wish you good luck! Cause as far as the rumors go, her parents are not actually happy. And that might be troublesome. To know more about the Cancerian (her zodiac), do follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Although not too active on the latter, you will see lots and lots of her in her FB profile.