Mother of Dragon Net worth: See Emilia Clarke's source of money and her properties

HitBerryPublished on   06 Oct, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Emilia Clarke famous as Daenerys Targaryen from the HBO's hit Series The game of thrones who was grown and raised in suburbs of Hampstead London is now one of the biggest names in the movie industry today. The twenty-nine-year-old British beauty queen is commonly known as the mother of a dragon has landed lead roles in some big screen movies like Me before You and Terminator genesis alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So if you have a curiosity about how much does Emilia Clarke actually earns from GOT as her salary and how much is her net worth?

Emilia grew up in a traditional house in the middle of London which had a beautiful Georgian "terrace" with front lawns, lovely walls, big windows. She was brought up in clear natural beauty. Beautiful hills spread eight hundred Acers beside her Hampstead home.

We are here with the answer to the question, we will take an account of her All seasons salary in The famous medieval series Game of thrones, her movie appearances, and Advertisement along with cover image and photo shoots for magazines to find out her actual worth here.And by the time we are finished, you will be surprised to find out her net worth is far more than just Three Million USD, which by far most tabloid sites claim to be.

So let's start with her house in Hampstead London. Emilia Clarke grew up in her family home in Hampstead which over the years has turned out to be a VIO residence area but the house still belongs to her parents. So, this means she has no personal property in her hometown other than her parental house which legally is not her personal property to be included in calculating her net worth. So the Hampstead house is excluded.

A girl from the middle-class ground like Emilia before fame has an experience of Waiting Tables, selling Icecream, Bartender Job and Call center Job were a few of the jobs she took before she got the big break in GOT.

She was recruited for one of the six lead characters in the HBO's series and her salary from the series in USD Three Hundred Thousand Dollars per episode and the series runs for ten straight episodes per season so her total earning from the series is calculated to be around $18 million USD. She has already started to shoot for the 7th season which will add other three million contract money to her net worth.

She has recently bought a beautiful home in Venice LA, California and has paid $4.64 million USD for the pretty home she bought. The house was built in 2009 the home is properly architecture and built in 2,817 square feet area. The contemporary residence is not very huge for a celebrity but it is very properly built design for sure. House features Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a living space. Along with lawn and backyard. Living room features huge floor to selling Book selves and the modern kitchen features marble backsplash, soapstone countertops and wood cabinetry concealing state-of-the-art appliances.



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We were not surprised to know that Emilia earned more than Arnold for Foxes famous series Terminator Genisys, the fifth film in the multimillion-dollar franchise. She earned £ 5million pound (6.093 million USD) which topped the 67 years old star The terminator himself.

She shows up for magazines and commercials every now and then which also adds up to her net worth. She earns Ten Million a year altogether and her net worth is calculated to be around 42 million dollars in 2016.

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