Moon Zappa opens up about what she now wants in a boyfriend after her divorce with husband Paul Doucette

December 14, 2015
First Published On: December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

The first name that comes first into the mind when you think of a hot and single actress is Moon Zappa. Moon Zappa got divorced from her husband Paul Doucette in the early 2014. She is single at the moment. But recently, she hinted that she was looking for a boyfriend and revealed what she would like in her new boyfriend.

The actress has dated some big names from Hollywood. So, it was expected that the list of things that the actress wants from her husband would be quite big. But, her revelations were quite shocking. The things that she wants are not all that rare.

“My last marriage was a disaster. I would not want to make the same mistakes again. I am not spending my time with somebody who is young and stupid”, the actress reportedly said. She also added, “ I am not young enough to be playing games anymore, so I want somebody who wants to spend the rest of their life with me”.

Zappa has a child from her previous marriage. Reports claim that she will seek her child’s approval before she starts dating anybody. The person who wants to fancy his chances with Zappa will also have to win over the heart of her daughter.

She has also made it clear that she would not be interested in dating someone who has a musical background. Her former husband was a musician from the American Pop group Matchbox Twenty. Her relationship with Paul Doucette seems to have driven her away from the musician.

It seems Zappa seeks a long term commitment rather than riches and fame from her future boyfriend. Given that the actress is already 48 years old, her need for commitment is justified.  Even though the actress is not as young as she used to be, with her charming smile she is just as attractive. It is unlikely that she would have trouble finding somebody who wants to get serious with her.

Even though her love life is a bit of a mess right now, Zappa’s acting life is definitely a success. She started out in Hollywood through her role in TV series, Chips. After that, the actress has never looked back. She delivered critically acclaimed performances in movies after movies. Her appearance in the 1985 movie European Vacation and 2000 hit The Giving Tree was very well received by her fans and critics alike.

Moon Zappa has a very large fan base. Her acting and writing skills have won her millions of man. She has a big fan following throughout her social media profiles. Her net worth is undisclosed, but various websites claim that it is well over $5 million dollars.