Moira Kelly and her husband, Steve love spending time with their children.

April 4, 2016
First Published On: April 4, 2016

Parents must be insane if they do not want to spend time with their children. Don’t you think? However, only some become successful to squeeze the quality time out of their busy schedule.

Similarly, our very own American actress Moira Kelly and her husband, Steve shares about how much they love spending time with their children and how do they manage that.

The actress got married to Texan businessman in 2000. They are one of the happiest celebrity couples as of now. They have two children together: son Eamon (born 2003) and daughter Ella (born 2001).

Both husband and wife are family people. They know how to keep their children around and strengthen the family bond. Both are very successful in their field. According to the actress, every parents should teach their children the value of being in a family. She also emphasized that it depends entirely upon yourself, whether you make four walls of brick a home or a mere house.

The actress often writes in her twitter about the family values and how to strengthen the parents-child bond. Recently she tweets about how parents should try to give as much time to children as possible. They sure like toys and gift but they want your support the most especially when they are in transition period.

The actress opened up about having a scheduled holiday plan for their family. Yes! This must be the secret how their family function this well.

The couple were interviewed by one of the reporters of HollywoodLife this week. They shared about how much they love to spend time with their children. The actress also mentioned that they have to work hard to separate quality time for their son and daughter out of their busy schedule.

Children are so creative and imaginative that they just bring you to life all over again.” she said. According to her spending time with them just makes her day no matter how crappy that day was.

The actress was even asked other questions besides her children. She shared about how she made her way to Hollywood. After some small chit chat the conclusion was drawn that no matter how big the opportunities are, she would never knock her family down for that. It might seem that she takes her job just for a living not for stardom.

“Money's not important to me. Movie star acknowledgement is not important to me. I don't want to be a big studio actress. I don't want to be in the limelight.” she said. Well we get it what is her priority, don’t we.

The actress has starred in many movies and TV shows and that was enough for her to maintain the net worth of $2 million.