Mohamed Fahmy's wife, who he's been married to for a while was very adamant about getting him out of prison.

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Mohamed Fahmy, who is probably the most famous journalist in the world at the moment is suing one of the News’s powerhouses, Al Jazeera for $100 million.  He has a very loving and caring wife who stuck with him through his entire tough times when he was in prison.

She was the most outspoken person regarding his immediate release and she lobbied to great extents, persistent to release the love of her life out of the corrupt and repulsive prison of the Egyptian government, who had Fahmy in custody for crimes that spoke of truth and resonated honesty, Justice and freedom.

Through the entire long process, Fahmy’s wife kept believing in her husband and never lost hope. She took all the measures required, like coordinating with her husband’s lawyers, pushing the Canadian diplomatic mission to push for his release.

Omara, Fahmy’s wife also quit her job as a high profile communications professional and left her home country to move to Canada with her husband. They were married in the brief time that Fahmy had through his bail before a re-trail. That is when they also made plans to begin a fresh start in Canada.

She has also said that the emotional turmoil that went through her was at times very difficult to cope with. She has also mentioned that there was times when all she felt was humiliation ad nothing else. Suffering, pain and agony had become a parasitical routine in her depressive daily life.

She has also shared the experience of the over mounting frustration experienced by her due to the slow moving, politicized shady proceedings that would push any man to the edges of belief on the civilized judicial system that we modern day humans have coined to be courts.

Probably the worst years of her life are now dead and gone and she has said she would forever be in depth toward the Australian and Canadian government who kept pushing even while being restrained to make sure Fahmy could be a free man as fast as possible.

Fahmy and Omara have no children as of now. However, it has been suggested that they are now looking for a fresh start to their life and are definitely considering raising a family and could probably be bearing children as early as it suits them.

Fahmy also owes a lot to his lawyers who were with him right through the end and believed in his cause. He was advised by two lawyers one of them being wife of popular Hollywood celebrity George Clooney, Amal Clooney and an Egyptian lawyer.

Fahmy’s salary details and net worth remain to be undisclosed by the Agencies he has worked for. However, it is understood that he has made most of his earnings through his prolific journalist career.