Model Yvette Prieto married Basketball player Michael Jordan,Find out her married life and children

April 17, 2018
First Published On: December 11, 2016

Yvette Prieto is a supermodel and she is best known as a former girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias. Also, she has now another identity as the lovely wife of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.  The beautiful mother of twin daughter is happily living her life with the loving husband MJ along with his two lovely daughters.


On today's capsule, we are going to discuss and find out about her personal life with husband Michael Jordan. Moreover, Today we will discuss her wedding, her twin daughter, her long and happy married life as well as her life as a mother of two daughter and three step-children from Jordan's previous marriage. So, without further delay lets look at Yvette Prieto's personal life.

Married to The Famous NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan

Yvette Prieto, a famous Cuban-American model married Michael Jordan on 27th of April in 2013. She was romantically linked with Enrique Iglesias before marrying Mr. Jordan. The diva married the famous basketball player with a bang. She showed the real definition of luxury by spending 10  million dollars in her wedding.

Caption: Yvette Prieto with Michel Jordan in Las Vegas

The hall of Famer basketball and model were together for five long years and they finally tied their knot at the famous Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the sea followed by the famous $10 million dollar reception at Bear's club in Jupiter, Florida.

Caption: Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan Reception and wedding venue location  

People's magazine reported that the couple planned their wedding months and months before the date. The reception was very luxuriously planned and whole media world was totally shaken up as the expense of wedding was grossed up around 10 million dollars. 

Michael Jordan wedding party
Caption: Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto wedding dance

The wedding accommodates 300 guests in the biggest tent which was designed to look like a mansion all by itself. There can be no other word than WOW for this extravaganza they performed in the golf court of Jupiter, Florida.

Gave birth to Twin daughter

Yvette's daughters have looks of both father and mother. The beautiful twin sisters are fourth and fifth children in the Jordan family line as MJ already is a father of three grown-up children. The name of Prieto and Jordan's twin daughters are Ysabel Jordan who is the eldest of the twins and Victoria Jordan the youngest in the Jordan family, born on 9th of February 2014.

After the arrival of the baby daughters in the family Yvette Prieto and Michel Jordan is now seen lovingly carrying the babies to all events they attain. Yvette37 and Jordan 52 don't seem to be planning for other children in recent days as they seem perfectly occupied by five children they have.

Yvette Prieto is well accepted by the Jordan Family

The separation of Michael Jordan and his former wife Juanita Vanoy in 2006 is a long-lost story. The former couple who remain as a good friend along with three grown-up children named Marcus, Jeffrey and Jasmin have accepted their new stepmother Yvette Prieto who is now married to their caring father Michel Jordan. Insider reports that the two women of Jordan's life are quite good with each other and the family often get together in close functions and celebration. 

It looks like the basketball star who has been an inspiration to many of the Basketballers all around the globe has another lesson to teach. He knows how to make a balance between different relationships in the family. So, far it looks like the lovebirds are far from any family dispute leading to divorce or separation.