Model turned Writer Sophie Dahl taking drastic measures to lose weight

HitBerryPublished on   06 Aug, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Sophie Dahl, despite being a famous model, has been overshadowed by her cousins in the past few years. With soon to be married Phoebe posting cute pictures of herself and actress Ruby Rose on Twitter and Chloe coming out of the closet, Sophie definitely isn’t the star of the family anymore. But she once more made the news after the public was worried about her shocking weight loss.

Dahl, who used to be a plus size model for Vogue left people wondering after her dramatic weight loss. Apparently, the model turned writer went through a process called "weight loss hypnosis", which involves hypnotizing an individual and directing them towards exercise. A lot of celebrities are reportedly doing it. Actress Olivia Munn recently admitted to using the technique. Talking to Good House Keeping, Munn said, "I was going to a hypnotist to help me with my OCD and trichotillomania."

"One day I told him I didn’t work out, and he said, "What do you mean?" I replied, "I don’t know. I just kind of don’t. I yo-yo." He said, "You have to! It’s good for your anxiety and depression." So during one of our sessions, he hypnotized me," Munn continued.

She says she has seen positive results and is satisfied with the technique.  Munn said that her attitude towards exercising changed after being hypnotized. 

And singer Lily Allen swears by it. Adding to the praises, Allen said, “After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad.”

“I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment - I've never been happier.”

Other celebrities including Gerri Halliwell and Orlando Bloom are known to have followed the method in the past.

Dahl, who quit modelling to pursue her passion for food and writing, seems to have suddenly lost her love for food. She did a photo shoot for Debenhams, where she looked sophisticated and elegant, but a lot less curvy. Dahl, who was not afraid to take risks, started modeling at the age of 19 after she met Isabella “Issy” Blow, who was the contributing editor at Vogue at the time. Dahl recounted the event In her book too. She wrote:

“‘So why were you crying?’ the ship woman [Blow]  said in her bright pink kitchen. It transpired that she was called Isabella Blow, she was contributing editor at Vogue and something of a fashion maverick. We’d put the bags down and she was making tea in a proper teapot.

‘I was crying about my future. My mother doesn’t understand me and I don’t know what I’ll do. Oh, it’s so awful.’

‘Don’t worry about that. Pfff!’ she said. ‘Do you want to be a model?’

If it had been a film there would have been the audible ting of a fairy wand. I looked at her incredulously. ‘Yes,’ I said, thinking of avoiding the purdah of shorthand. My next question was, ‘Are you sure?’

The ‘Are you sure?’ didn’t spring from some sly sense of modesty; it was brutal realism.”

In the book, Dahl further talks about her love for food and how she doesn’t see it changing anytime soon. But, with the recent developments, has weight loss hypnosis brought about a drastic change in Dahl? We sure hope not.

Dahl currently lives in England with husband Jamie Cullum and their 3 children.