Model-turned-actress Sophie Ward to play “Margaret Mond” in stage adaptation of novel “Brave New World”, the lesbian actress is currently married to Rena Brennan

July 17, 2015
First published on:July 17, 2015
by HitBerry

The hot and beautiful Sophie Ward is all set to work in the stage adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s Dystopian novel “Brave New World”. Ward will be portraying the role of “Margaret Mond”- the Regional World Controller for the Western Europe.

The die-hard fans of this classic tale of futuristic novel might be surprised after hearing this news because they are not well acquainted with the character of Margaret Mond. Dawn King, the mastermind behind the adaptation of the story has planned something different for all of us. In Huxley’s novel, the character we’re talking about is actually male, who goes by the name of Mustafa Mond. Not just Mustafa, but all the other ten of the World Controllers in the story are male. So Mr. King has decided to cast a female for the major role. He feels it was important for the play to be more representative of the world today and the world in the future.

 “I took this decision primarily because as a feminist, I wanted to increase the gender equality of the show. I also felt that having a female world controller of Western Europe is more representative of our world today, and of a world of the future,” says King.

His decision to cast Ward seems really worth it as she is widely known for her works in film, television and theatre across the world. Her theatre works include Private Lives, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Semi Monde.

King says Sophie is a great choice to play the role and she has the power to strengthen the qualities of the character.

"I think Sophie Ward is a great choice to play the role because ‘Mond’ is a person who has had to make hard decisions, has a strong sense of her own personal morality, and has real steely authority – qualities I think Sophie will accentuate.”

Sophie Ward is an English model-turned-actress and daughter of actor Simon Ward. Ward has previously modeled for Vogue Magazine. Her life has taken many twists and turns as she famously came out as a lesbian in 1996. Her marriage with her former husband Paul Hobson ended in divorce after the revelation. She has two sons with him.

Speaking at a conference organized by gay rights charity Stonewall in London in July 2013, she opened up about how she considered suicide after 'coming out' as a lesbian over fears her two young sons would suffer as a result of her revelation.

Ward said, "I considered my options and I have to say I wondered if (my children would) be better off without me. Those are the effects of bullying - how it strikes at the heart of a family.”

After separating with her husband and she became involved with Rena Brannan, a female Korean-American writer. They married in August 2000 in a well-publicized ceremony held in London, before same-sex marriage was legalized in Britain. Now the couple and her children live together near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

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