Model Paulina Porizkova, age 50 talks about how she makes her marriage with husband Ric Ocasek work

February 1, 2016
First Published On: February 1, 2016
by HitBerry

The beautiful model Paulina Porizkova has recently talked about how she is making her marriage work with her husband Ric Ocasek. Both of them have tough careers as one of them is a Model and another is a Rock star. She has also given some tips on making marriages work at the age of 50.

She said in a recent interview that it had been tough on her and her children as her husband Ric was always on the Road with his Band Cars and she always had shoots in exotic location.  The Czech born model had said that it had been tough, but because of love they got through.

Now that her career is over, she is happy to be spending time with her family. Sources say she enjoyed a glamorous and unexpected career, but now is content that it all has come to an end. She is now focusing on her new job of parenting she hopes to do well in this too.

Her husband had always been away. And when he was home, he would always be recording new songs with the band. But when he was free, he was always there for her and her children. He was on the front rows of Fashion shows, cheering her on with their children, according to sources.

The model now holds a dual citizenship of USA and Sweden. She was a migrant from Czechoslovakia and had fled her home land with her parents due to the Warsaw Pact.

She was taken to Elite Modeling Agency by her photographer friend hoping that she would get a job. But instead, the Elite Head, John Casablanca took her on board after noticing her potential and physical features.

She became a rising star in Paris and her name was gaining more influence in the United States of America when she posed for the Swimwear issue. She appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue twice in 1984 and again in 1985, becoming the second woman so as well as the first woman from central Europe to appear in a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Cover Page.

She then appeared in Playboy magazine in August 1987 in a preview for non nude swim wear issue. Her calendars, which were shot by the famous Fashion Photographer of that era, Marco Galvaino, sold thousands of copies.

She has been chosen twice by People magazine as the Most Beautiful Woman. She was the 10th best model according to the Harper Bazaar. She was declared the model of the 1980s by American Photo.

She has featured on many famous ad campaigns for brands such as Diet Pepsi and Vogue. She also had deals with famous brands such as Versace, Ellen Trace and many more.

She is currently estimated to have a net worth of $10 million dollars.