Model Paige Watkins Flaunts in Bikini with Sexy Feet. Who's her Boyfriend? Follow Her Instagram

Paige Watkins is a model who rose to fame after being featured in the popular men's magazine, Gq. Do you know one thing- that she also has been featured in C-Heads magazine and been a represented by NOUSLA ONE NYC and NEXT Miami.


We know that she is the heartbeat of her fans, especially boys, Isn't she? But if you are in love with her then we have a sad news for you because she is rumored to hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio. So let's find out whether the news is correct or not. Just stick with us.

Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship with Paige Watkins

Calm down, boys. Paige is not in a love relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. They were seen hanging out but were not dating each other.

Instagram: Leonardo DiCaprio

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DiCaprio already has a girlfriend, model Nina Agdal. DiCaprio and

Model Paige Watkins Flaunts in Bikini and Bare Body with Sexy Feet

Paige Watkins grew up in Orlando, Florida; but she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of being a successful supermodel. She studied Public Relations and Journalism back at the University of Florida, and she states that working in a medical field and handle public relations over there is her other work of interest.

Paige’s favorite song is ‘Ramble on’ by Led Zeppelin and she says she is more of a head-banging rock ‘n’ roll girl. Paige even named her dog ‘Zeppelin’. And apart from her modeling stuff, she stated that being with her sweet puppy always made her smile.

[ CAPTION: Paige Watkins in her Black Bikini at the Ocean ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Watkins favorite book from high school is ‘The Woods’. The books are all dark thrillers and she states that she can’t put it down even if she wanted to. She adds to it by saying that she has read over 20 of his original books till the date.

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Paige is not much a TV person. But when she is in front of the TV, it’s always friends. In one of the interviews, she exclaimed that she has watched each and every episode at least 3 times and it never got old for her.

[ CAPTION: Paige Watkins on a bed with her Black Bikini on ][ SOURCE: c-heads ]

She stands 5 feet 8 inches (170cm) tall. The color of her eyes is blue and her hair looks brownish. Paige’s bust is 32”B (81.28cm), waist about 23.5” and hip around 34”. So, she has got everything she needs to be a perfect model.

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Paige’s favorite drink at the bar is Spicy Margarita; and spicier it is, the better, she explains. Speaking of her favorite place, Jungfrau in Switzerland is the place she has never been before but wanting to visit at any cost.

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In an interview she was asked about her perception of ‘True Love’, she explained by saying, “The one who it hurts to be without”. She adds up by explaining that it’s not just about the chemistry or being in love, it is for the little things that make you happy.

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When Watkins is off from her work, we can find her in the ocean or try out some random new workouts. She is more of a beach person than a pool girl. She tries to stay adventurous and coming up with some weird new actions.

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According to Paige, modeling is all about personality, timing and a good team behind you. She also said that she never went any places without her heels on or an outfit that showed her tall and perfectly toned legs.

[ CAPTION: Paige Watkins ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Paige Watkins never had interest in modeling and it was never on her radar before. She said she had big curly hair and a full face of braces. To her, she didn’t actually fit in to be a model; however once she fell into it, she enjoyed it as a creative experience and didn’t give up.

Once she fell for modeling, she exclaims that she learned a lot more about herself, like how to have a strong work ethic and so on. She said she always wanted to get a good education first and that modeling was in her back seat.