Model Nikki DuBose Might be Dating Antonio D. Spears. Is Antonio Her Boyfriend?

August 6, 2016
First published on:August 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Late night dinners, cycling,walking down and spending all the time in the world with one person. Does It sound like the perfect scenario and the moment you might want to have with your boyfriend? But isn’t that a thing you do with your “best friend” as well. Even if these thoughts come to the mind of model cum author, Nikki Dubose you never know what is the definition of a best friend for her.


Enjoying Easter service with @thenikkidubose at the City of Refuge church! What a beautiful program this morning! Be blessed. #happyeaster

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A photo posted by Antonio D. Spears (@antoniodspears) on


Happy Birthday to my bestie @antoniodspears thank you for being my friend hope this year brings you all your heart desires!

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Nikki Dubose who is the commercial actress and an avid mental health activist loves spending a lot of time with her best friend Antonio D. Spears. The two of them are seen enjoying dinners, sharing a lot of “our” time and this is just “best friendship” according to Dubose, who is still very much single and not indulged in any love affair.

Antonio on the other side seems to have more feelings for her rather than just love. Antonio admires her very much. No doubts on that because Antonio’s Instagram literally breathes Nikki. She is in every single post and more than that even his Twitter DP has Nikki Dubose. Some signs, there if not all and Nikki Dubose's bestie might be something more than a “bestie.”


We LOVE the new Hulu bikes via Bike Breeze! Cruising the streets of Northern Santa Monica!

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One thing we are however very sure of Nikki enjoys all the time she spends with Antonio and he provides her with the much-needed comfort she needs while fighting with her psychological health problems. He makes her happy, you know?


Late night dinner with @thenikkidubose at @BottegaLouie in Downtown Los Angeles. 03/07/16 8:13PM Sunday, Los Angeles, CA

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Nikki Dubose rape and overcoming it

Nikki Dubose entered the industry as a fashion model, but recently she opened up about the atrocities she had to face being one. Nikki had to witness the dark side of the industry and the 31-year-old model was raped by a photographer after getting drugged one afternoon. However, this is not the first time Hollywood has witnessed this as we are all aware of the Kesha and Dr. Luke incident. The incident shook Nikki in a similar way that she had to face a huge psychological problem and suffer from eating disorder because of it.

Not just that this very incident also changed her perspective towards life and made her stronger. Along with that, she became an apostle of encouraging the need of mental health for a good work to be done with models.Surviving bad times and overcoming the deepest fears is a quality that needs a lot of guts and Niki has proved herself as a fighter all along.

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