Model Niki Taylor, age 40, and second husband Burney Lamar getting a divorce??

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   02 May, 2021

Model Niki Taylor, aged 40, and her second husband Burney Lamar might be headed for a divorce, rumor has it.

A source close to the twice married model confirmed that the American beauty’s marriage with her American stock car racing driver husband was on the verge of breaking apart. A reliable source revealed that the much in love couple, who got married to each other back in 2006, was having misunderstandings between them. 

“Niki and Burney are having, most probably, the roughest time in their nine year old marriage. They were totally in love some time back. But I don’t know what has gone wrong all of sudden. They have stopped talking straight to each other. They argue and fight all the time and the children are really worried,” revealed the source.

The informant further added that due to their constant arguing, the children are having hard time too. “Ciel is old enough to understand what is going on, which is why she is having difficulty coping with her parents constant bickering. She is emotionally scarred. But young Rex is not old enough to understand all these,” added the insider.

“Now the problem has reached such a point that there is no turning back for either of them. Niki and Burney are both on fire and they have decided to get some legal help. They are thinking of separating and filing for a divorce as soon as possible. And the divorce is not the only thing that is about to happen. The couple will fight for the custody of their two kids and it is surely going to create some serious problems for both of them. 

“I am not sure about the reason behind their arguments, but I have heard from someone that the main issue was money. They have been facing some financial issues lately. Niki had to sell her Tennessee estate back in 2013 and Burney’s career in on the downturn. So, as far as I’ve heard, the couple is going through some financial tension. It might be the main reason behind their personal dispute with each other.”

We don’t have further information about their alleged divorce, but we will inform you people as soon as we get hold of anything new. 

Taylor was formerly married to former Miami Hooters linebacker Matt Martinez. They eloped in January 1994 after three months of dating. In July 1994, the couple married in a traditional wedding ceremony in McCammon, Idaho. The former pair has twin sons, Jake and Hunter. They divorced after two years of marriage, so Niki has had one bitter experience of divorce already. 

Taylor and her present husband Burney got engaged in October 2006. They had dated only for a while. The couple exchanged wedding vows on December 27, 2006. They have two children; a daughter named Ciel Taylor Lamar and a son named Rex Harrison Lamar. 

Taylor’s relationship with her first husband ended in divorce, but we don’t want her and Lamar’s relationship to end up just like that. We hope that the couple reconciles and solves their differences instead of separating. 

The beauty with a height of 5.11 feet has an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars.