Model Miles Mcmillan is all head over heel for actor Zachary Quinto

June 3, 2016
First published on:June 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Gay model Miles McMillan is head over heel for his boyfriend, Zachary Quinto. They officially became a couple in 2013 and it seems their relationship is really hitting off. After Zachary called off his relationship with Jonathan Groff, he became linked with Miles McMillan. 

Time and again this gay couple can be seen together walking their dogs.

Miles and Zachary on their walk with the dogs               Source: justjared

From the recent news about them, it’s weird how much they love to take their dogs to walk. In fact, it is weird how most of the time they are seen together, they tag along their dogs. How fit those dog must be!

This gay couple does not hesitate to hide their affection for each other. Just past February, they were seen smooching while walking their dogs.

As of 2015, they have been confirmed to be living together in an apartment in Manhattan that they jointly purchased. Both of them can often be seen in each others' Instagram and Twitter. From their status, it seems they are well on their relationship status. There are no rumors of them getting married but we hope that they will eventually.


current mood. heading home... @milesmcmillan

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Miles and Zachary were also seen on a beach where Zachary posed shirtless in Seychelles last October. There are many instances when this lovey Dovey couple are spotted and it seems the season for love for them is still in its spring.

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