Model Jasmine Tookes talks about working with boyfriend Tobias Sorensen in Calvin Klien campaign?

HitBerryPublished on   07 Sep, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes recently did a steamy ad shoot with her real life boyfriend model Tobias Sorensen for Calvin Klein’s latest Eternity Fragrance campaign. The super model seemed really comfortable as she snapped quite intimate and sexy scenes with him as a part of the campaign.

The Angel shared a cozy moment with her real-life beau Sorensen while on set. The couple seemed to be lost in each other’s embrace as they went under the covers and kissed and loved each other in front of the cameras without much hesitation. The first snap that was released as a part of the campaign, saw Tookes on her lover’s lap who was dressed down. The couple gave a very sensual and natural vibe as they gazed into each other’s eyes, smiling.

Several snaps of the couple were released on online entertainment magazines and the Eternity Now Fragrance commercial was also released, which won hearts of countless people. The ad shows Sorensen and Tookes running on a street of New York City’s sidewalk holding each other’s hand. The scene changes and the couple are shown sharing romantic kisses and indulged in romance, in a bedroom. The campaign has tried to capture the raw expression of love and emotion between a young couple, portrayed by the real life couple. The campaign was shot on location in New York and was directed by Darius Khodji. Trey Laird worked as the creative director.

The E!Online grasped a chance to meet the couple and talk to them about the sexy Eternity Now campaign, after witnessing the shoot firsthand. E!Online asked Tookes about how it actually felt to work with her real life partner and how was it different from working with other models.

The Victoria’s Secret model stated how she felt: ‘Actually this was amazing because we got to really be ourselves…It was just kind of like a look into our everyday lives. So we were in the bed with each other and super easy.’

She added: "It kind of makes sense. It was ‘a dream come true.’"

It was indeed a dream come true for the dusky beauty. After all, you don’t get to work with your lover every other day, do you?

As the commercial progresses, one can see the duo getting quite close and nasty in bed. Adding more detail to their campaign, the beauty queen said that she and her boyfriend were following the footsteps of model Christy Turlington, who is also the face of the Eternity Fragrance.

"We're following in Christy Turlington's footsteps…It's so beautiful and I can't wait for everyone to see it," Tookes said.

The black beauty also revealed that the experience she had while working with her lover was much different than working with other models. She said that she felt more comfortable and natural with Sorensen. The couple started dating from 2012.

The American model seems pretty excited for the new ad and campaign as she is inching towards the ultimate height of her career. The tall and sexy fashionista, aged 24 has also shared the snaps of her ad campaigns on her Instagram and Twitter account.