Model Isis King, age 30, talks about difficulty in dating and finding a boyfriend as a transwoman

February 1, 2016
First Published On: February 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Hot model Isis King, aged 30, has been talking about the difficulty she faces in dating and finding a boyfriend as a trans woman. 

The American fashion model and fashion designer, who was a contestant on the eleventh and seventeenth season of the reality television show America's Next Top Model, revealed how she faced difficulty finding a man because of her image as a trans woman.

She was the first trans-woman to be part of ANTM and has been enjoying the lime light. She has garnered a lot of praise. But even after all this, she has had a hard time finding a partner for herself. And she believes that her fame never brought her the kind of happiness she wanted in her love life. 

Talking to Daily Mail the beautiful model said: “Being born in the wrong body has made it really hard because I want to tell men up front, but once I tell them they usually lose interest.

“There are preconceived notions of trans women, and they don't want to know me once I tell them.”
King attributed not just people’s view towards her sexuality for the failure in her love life, but also her fame and popularity as a one of the most famous trans model as the prime factor behind her failing love life. 

“It's a bit harder for me because not only am I trans, but I am one of the world's most famous trans women,” she stated further.

Though King always knew from her early age that she was born into a wrong body, she never actually knew that choosing what you feel you are would be so hard for her. But she knew she wanted to live as a girl, which is why she decided to undergo the much needed sex change surgery.

“Some people want no operations, some people want the top or bottom only - I knew that I personally had to go all the way to feel complete with myself. After the breast augmentation I said, ‘Oh my god, I actually feel sexy - when I completed all of my procedures I was happy.’”

Adding more to her problematic dating life, she said that her fame has made it more challenging. She shared her experience of a date she had with a guy and how things almost turned complicated. 

“I was in a gelato place with a guy who didn't know I was on America's Next Top Model. The girl serving us ice cream noticed who I was and right as she was about to mention it, I opened my eyes wide, and winked at her and she knew I didn't want her to say it out loud. She winked back and she didn't say anything, but it was just perfect - it was the first time it ever worked out that way.”

And after that incident, the model said that she was doubtful that she would find love in NYC. 

“I don't know if I'm going to find it here because it is such a fast paced city,” she said. “I have a great career, I know who I am, I know who I want. I'm a positive person. I just want to meet someone who's going to treat me the way I would treat them.”

We feel bad for King and other trans-people, who have to face difficulty finding partners just because of their sexuality. We hope that King finds a good potential boyfriend or a husband, whom she can get married to.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.