Model Elizabeth Jagger's mother trying to find her a boyfriend??

February 16, 2016
First Published On: February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Hot model Elizabeth Jagger is single right now and her mother is desperate to find her a partner before her 32nd birthday.

Elizabeth Jagger is so beautiful that any straight guy and not straight girl would fall for her however, her mother who is also one of the then top model is eager see her girl with someone she actually deserves. I guess she is probably planning for her wedding.

So who would be that lucky guy to date this beauty queen? Will her mother Jerry Hall be successful to find her the right partner I mean boyfriend? It is time for us to sit back and watch.

While she is planning to pair her daughter Elizabeth to Mr. Awesome. In the meantime, She is also planning to become Rupert Murdoch’s fourth wife in her wise late fifties.

The Texan model Jerry Hall has a long history of marriage with Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger (which was later disclosed as being void and illegitimate) and now she is all set to marry Rupert Murdoch. The insiders reveals that her marriage could not last long because they lack compatibility.

So Jerry would suggest her girls to marry the man with common interest and do not waste youth dating piece of crap. So this must be the very reason why she is getting involved in finding Elizabeth a boyfriend and may be husband.

Elizabeth Jagger is one of the top models in America and also she is a flawless actress. Her sisters, Georgia Mayand Jade are models as well. People say they share both rivalry and competitive fame.

The model with killer beauty and rolling stone lips is now the model of Hotel ROW NYC. In 2013 she was the face of  Skiny Lingerie. She has also appeared in some tv shows and movies as of now.

Elizabeth kicked off her modeling career by doing a ramp walk with her mother in 1998. She has mentioned in an interview that she admired her mother’s glamour and style right from her childhood and wanted to walk in her footsteps.

She further adds that when she stepped into the modeling world, her dad (Mick) was fine but he kind of gets upset whenever, she and her sisters does modeling in see through dresses. It must be the dad’s thing, she says.

The seductive model is now at the age of 31 and stands tall at the good height of 5 feet and 10 inch. 

Elizabeth revealed she would do naked pictures before she mothers a child.