Model Delphine Chanéac, age 37, and partner Eric Morais secretly married??

February 12, 2016
First Published On: February 12, 2016
by HitBerry

There have been recent rumors that actress Delphine Chaneac will soon be getting married to her long term boyfriend  Eric Morais. But our sources have revealed that the actress has already secretly gotten hitched to boyfriend Eric and they even have a baby together!! Shocking right??

 According to sources, the actress keeps her personal life very private. Delphine does not like to talk about her private issues publicly, because of which, more or less no information has been available about her love life. But the site, Magweb has provided some insight into the life of the celebrity.

According to the site, Chaneac gave birth to small Ethan Andre Luis on September 27 ,2015. Sources reveal that right after his birth, she secretly got hitched to little Ethan’s father, who is none other than Eric Morais. However, this allegation has not been confirmed yet.

The actress reportedly does not want to create gossips about herself and that is why she secretly got married, sources say.

According to Magweb, it has not been long since she got married to her partner. That's why she is currently busy with her family and home life. But, the actress is also planning to get back into the show business after resting a while.

The website, Pure people, has posted some pictures of the actress and her baby Ethan at the time she was born. However, the actress had been sharing her motherhood pictures since her baby was in the womb.

Delphine was born in November 1978 in the most romantic city of the world, Paris. She is  a wonderful woman with an amazing name and very appealing personality.  She doesn’t really like speaking of her private life. She has overcome great difficulty in order to become a well known personality and succeed in her life.

 Chaneac was a very artistic person in her school days. But, due to the fact that all of her teachers were stating how special she is, all the other kids in her class started hating and teasing her. That was certainly a very difficult thing for her.

She started her career as a model. When she was at school, a famous modeling agency had a casting call at her school and she was the only applicant that got signed. And that is how started her life of a model.

Currently she has a big influence in the world of cinema. As an actress, she has contributed a lot in a variety of movies and TV shows. But, her net worth is still not disclosed.

Well, we are still waiting for the couple to announce their secret marriage. We can’t wait to see the cute family together.