Model Coco Rocha talks about her drinking habit and greatest achievements

May 26, 2016
First Published On: May 26, 2016
by HitBerry

Canadian model Coco Rocha is not only that beautiful supermodel who has lent her gorgeous face to different luxury brands. She has not only been seen on the cover pages of beautiful magazines and walked on big runways.

Rocha is such a demanding inspirational face in the fashion world. She contributes to the industry as the force behind athleisure clothing brand co+co.

Her achievements and contributions go beyond this all.

Rocha is wholeheartedly thanked for her generous efforts that have benefited Haiti earthquake survivors, victims of human trafficking in Cambodia and inner city kids in New York and Canada.

The 27-year-old model, entrepreneur, designer, social media superstar, author, wife and mother is the global ambassador for a movement outside the realm of fashion.

To talk about her drinking habit, she says-

“A woman who drinks? Of course, she drinks. She had a hard day just like a guy or she wants to go out with her girls. Whatever the reason, of course, she deserves a drink.”


Being aware of stereotypical beliefs on drinking, she says-

“With scotch, for some reason there’s this notion, that it’s a man’s drink, and it’s not just a man, it’s a certain kind of man. Daddy’s drink. I grew up the same way. We were made to think that women drink wine, and as I said, a certain kind of man drinks scotch. In the fashion scene, I noticed men and women drinking scotch. I noticed men drinking it every sort of way and women drinking it every sort of way.”