Model Carolyn Murphy, age 41, and boyfriend Lincoln Pilcher thinking of getting married and starting a family??

January 31, 2016
First Published On: January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Rumor has it that model Carolyn Murphy is thinking of starting a family with her boyfriend, photographer and model Lincoln Pilcher. But is it true?? Let’s find out…

Carolyn and Lincoln have been in a relationship since 2013 and it has already been three years of them being together. But our sources say that they are still not ready for marriage and children. Our sources have it that the rumors are not true and the model herself has not stated anything on this matter.

In addition to that, the model herself has said that she wants to maintain some privacy regarding her relationships.

During an event in 2014, Murphy declined to pose with her boyfriend. It was the opening ceremony of Pilcher's new restaurant Moby Dick, where the couple were approached to pose together. When asked about this matter Carolyn replied,"I think there are some things which we have to keep sacred."

Does the model-actress really want some privacy or is she just feeling insecure about her relationship? Well, before Lincoln, she has had many relationships.

Initially, she was married to surf-shop owner Jack Schroeder in 1999. After one year of marriage, she gave birth to their beautiful daughter Dylan Bleu. But this relation couldn't last long and they divorced in 2001. She has been taking care of her daughter as a single mother ever since.

After her divorce with her husband, she was in the news for her relationships with models-actors Mark Vanderloo, Romain Zago and singer Brandon Boyd.

The biggest scandal among all of them was the rumor of her same-sex relationship with Heather  Matarazzo in 2008. They had even announced their marriage on August 2008. Heather Matarazzo is an actor and they first met at an event and it was reportedly love at first sight.

Model Carolyn, age 41, has set a good example as a single mother to her 15 years old daughter Dylan. Both mean the world to each other. Carolyn has always tried to keep her daughter away from all hassles of Hollywood life .She has even said that she doesn't want Dylan to follow her path in life.

So what is Carolyn up to now? Apparently, at present, she is seeking a balance between self-care, motherhood and her career as a model. She is still thinking creatively about her future in her career. She is reportedly thinking of creating a new blog that appeals to both men and women.

She is one of the most charming models of her time. She has an attractive height and body figure. In 2012, Murphy was listed ninth on the Forbes list of top-earning models with an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars.

She is a magnificent personality and she attracts every individual.