Model Angel Carter and husband Corey Conrad, married since last year, expecting a baby

December 17, 2015
First Published On: December 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Model Angel Carter and her husband Corey Conrad, who got married last year, might be expecting a baby according to recent rumors.

Angel Carter, who was born on December 7, 1987 in Tampa, Florida, USA, is pregnant right now, a source claims. The twin sister of American singer Aaron Carter and younger sister of singer and Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter is reportedly expecting her first child with her better half.

The insider, who is said to be quite close to the newly married couple, has the full scoop on them. According to the source, the rumors about her pregnancy were indeed true. The model tied the knot to Conrad on February 8, 2014.

“Angel and Corey are expecting their angel. She is pregnant and the couple is over the moon at the moment. I mean, who wouldn’t be?” said the informant.

They further added: “They were not expecting it to happen as the couple wanted to wait a few more years before having a baby. They wanted to focus on their career before settling down with children. But now that it has happened, Angel and Corey want to give parenthood a shot. Angel had initally thought of aborting the baby but they later decided against it.

“She has been having a pretty nasty time dealing with all her family problems. We all know her difficult past with her elder brother, Nick’s feud with their parents and him being blamed by everyone for their sister Leslie Carter’s death. Nick still has not forgotten anything and he still hasn’t reconciled with his family.

“Angel wanted to have a child only after her Backstreet Boys brother and their parents come together as a family once again. But it just wasn’t happening. Actually, she wanted to call her child Nick or Nicki, so she is still hoping for a family reconciliation before the birth of her baby. Unfortunately, she became pregnant before she could bring her estranged brother back into the family fold, which is why she wanted to abort the unborn child,” revealed the informant.

“But Corey convinced her to keep the baby and now here I am sharing the good news with you all,” the insider concluded with a smile.

Her twin brother Aaron walked her down the aisle at the grand wedding ceremony which was conducted at Newhall Mansion, outside LA. While Aaron happily helped his sister down the aisle, his elder brother Nick was absent from the scene.

“It broke Angel’s heart. She was expecting her whole family to be there in her big day. But Nick was away enjoying a joint bachelor and bachelorette party with his then soon to be wife, Lauren Kitt in Las Vegas,” stated the source.

While Aaron was playing piano for his sister and brother-in-law, Nick was down in Las Vegas getting tipsy and grooving on the dance floor with his sexy partner.

Well, we hope that this hot model with perfect bikini body gives birth to a healthy child and her brother soon reconciles with her and her family.

She is available on Twitter and Instagram, but her net worth remains undisclosed.