Model and Host Lisa Snowdon splits from boyfriend Adereti Monney, Snowdon previously dated Hollywood star George Clooney

June 21, 2015
First published on:June 21, 2015
by HitBerry

The hot Capital FM host Lisa Snowdon broke up with her year-long boyfriend Adereti Monney a.k.a Tim Wade, who is’s communication manager. Reportedly, the couple had a ‘fiery’ relationship. Despite their split, they have decided to remain good friends.

Their romance went public when the two went to see Cirque Du Soleil in London. The two were caught on camera, all cuddled at the park in January 2014. They snuggled like teenager. They looked like they were having a great time with each other and no care in the world seemed to bother them.

The couple has been spotted on multiple showbiz events, cozying up against each other and posing for PDA filled pictures; arms around her waist, smiles on their faces.

Stories of their romances sound so fairytale-like, don’t they? But the truth contradicts this fantasy. In fact, Adereti has history of physically abusing Snowdon just after a month of dating her. In February, Monney was caught by a patrolling police during his abusive outrage against Lisa. He was taken to Highbury Magistrates’ Court, where he admitted ‘assault by beating’. However, Lisa didn’t wish to press charges against him, so he was fined £100 and was granted bail. Lisa’s spokesman told the MailOnline, 'They had had an argument which led to a very minor scuffle in the street. At no point did Lisa press charges or i ndeed wish to press charges and the couple have moved on from the incident.'

The 5 feet 10 inches tall gorgeous host once dated George Clooney for a while in the past. However, the two called off after a brief period of time. On his marriage to Amal Alammudin, the former model said, “I wish them all the best, but I have no plans for a wedding yet.” “It hasn’t made me want to get married, not right now anyway.”

At a Breast Cancer Care fashion show in the Grosvenor House Hotel, she added, “I’ve never dreamed of getting married. Some girls dream of that big wedding, and they can see the flowers and the dress, but I haven't been that girl. I am romantic and traditional, but that isn’t something I’ve aspired to.” Looks like she doesn’t plan to get married anytime soon.

Lisa supports many different social causes. Just last month, she posted a picture on her Twitter account supporting RNFI with the words,

“Wearing this tattoo to support the @RNLI#H2Only challenge. 10 days, 100% water. Up for it?

Despite having an active Twitter account, she does not yet have an account on Instagram.

She has been featured by FHM on FHM’s List of FHM 100 Sexiest Women from every year, 1996-2007, except 1998.

Lisa seemed to have collected herself after her heartbreaking split from Adereti as she seemed to enjoy herself at the BRIT Awards as flaunted her gorgeous legs in a Balmain dress . You gotta move on after all!!

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