Model Amber Le Bon and alleged boyfriend Dan Kapp getting serious?? Planning on getting married??

February 16, 2016
First Published On: February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Amber Le Bon, the model with prepossessing beauty, and her alleged boyfriend Dan Kapp are reportedly getting serious about their relationship. But they are still miles away for even thinking of getting married.

Amber and Dan have been together since November 2015, ever since we first spotted them as a couple. Both seem happy as of now. But it is still too early to tell and who knows what’s in the box for the lovely couple.

Our insiders claim that Amber and Dan are lovely couple. He further stated that Amber is the first lady with whom Dan has stayed together with this far and the same goes with Amber.

So, in a sense, they are getting serious and enjoying the bliss of romance till now. By just looking at them, we think they are not breaking up any time soon. However, just to be clear they are not even close to thinking of getting married.

It is surprising that a fashion goddess like Amber gave an actor like Jonny Hynes the boot and instead went for a mundane businessman. May be this is called love? What say you?

On February 18th, the 25 years old beautiful model attended a celebrity launch of Judy Joo’s Korean restaurant with the handsome businessman, Dan Kapp.

We were able to capture them up on our camera. When she posed up for photos, she was holding on him and Dan was also not letting go of her either. It was genuine and romantic.

It was a rare date that we captured though. Our reporters were even able to have some conversation with the model and asked about their relationship. But we couldn’t get anything more out of her. But one thing is for sure, that marriage is way off their table for now. However, sources close to the model say that he qualifies for every virtue she looks for in a potential husband.

The duo also went ice skating at Somerset House last week. The couple have much time for each other despite being super busy. So it is clear that things are smooth between them. Furthermore, the style icon revealed that she love date nights and late night outings with Dan.

Amber Lee Bon, age 25 is an English fashion model standing at a good height of 5 ft and 10 in. Our sources reveal that being a model had been her long term dream and now she is living it. Her parents were also very supportive.

Since, her mother Yasmin Le Bon was also an established model back in her days, she has been a great inspiration to her. It is true that beauty and sense of style runs in her family.

Other than modeling, she is a flawless pianist and a singer. She is also up to snuff in history and arts. She is now popular for being the new face of a famous American Department store Forever 21 and sources reveals that she has been offered to star in some movies this year.

We do not have legitimate data of her net worth, but she earns fairly well.